Food wars have been fought on the internet over the “best pizza topping”, however, pizza topping trended on Twitter in India after a higher rate of Goods and Service Tax (GST) was levied on it.

In a recent ruling, the Appellate Authority for Advanced Ruling (AAAR) in Haryana stated that “pizza topping is not pizza” and thus should be classified differently for GST purposes. The AAAR ruled that an 18 per cent GST will be implemented on toppings as its preparation method is different from that of a pizza.

The body considered all the ingredients used in a topping and “concluded that while a pizza topping is sold as a ‘cheese topping’ it’s not really cheese and hence should attract higher taxes.”

As the ruling became public, it created a huge buzz online, leaving most confused. It also started a conversation about how home delivery involves paying more tax than eating at restaurants.

As people tried to figure out how pizza topping is not a part of a pizza, it brought back memories about different GST rates levied on parotta and rotiwith many wondering if soon they have to pay more tax on extra chutney with idli.

Jokes and memes soon took over Twitter, with one saying, “Government just wants us to be healthy”.


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