Mister Chai Food Review: India is rich in both culture and food and we believe it also binds different culture with burst of flavors. The various tastes that country brings forth will leave you aghast. From sweet tooth, sour to everything tangy, one can experience all these tastes at one place and that is at the newly launched pop-up restaurant Mister Chai at Shangri-La Eros, New Delhi. It serves the firsthand experience of richness of different regional street foods. From butter chicken samosa to kolkata chop, Mister Chai knows the art of blending, mixing and serving the fusion of all the above in a modern way. Mister Chai is a unique concept that is curated to give patrons a local ‘tea shop’ feel.Also Read – Pllatos Air Bar in Delhi is Perfect For Your ‘Little Little’ Parties

We experienced their Butter Chicken Samosa, Sprouts Bhel (for health conscious foodies), Raj Kachori and Kolkata Chop and what is the best you can try there has been shared below. Have a look at the detailed review: Also Read – Mocha Diye Muger Dal: Eat Your Way Through Bengal’s History in Le Meridian Gurgaon

Butter Chicken Samosa: Capturing the essence right is the butter chicken samosa. The tangy flavor hits the right taste palette and it will leave you wanting for more. They got the crispy crux of samosa right. The minute you break it, the optimum amount of filling will ease. However, what disappointed us was the name as it didn’t give justice to ‘Butter Chicken’. If you are a meethi chutney lover, then do insert an injection shot on your samosa. You can also dip it in a tangy and chilli pudhina chutney. Also Read – Mee So Good Review: Creamiest, Flavourful Dark Chocolates That You Won’t Feel Like Sharing

Butter chicken samosa at Mister Chai, Shangri-La (PC: KS Swati)

Sprouts Bhel: Bhel Puri is the heart of Indian street food. The tiny ingredients in a bowl play a huge part in bringing the essence of bhel out. Keeping it healthy as well as bazaari, Mister Chai brings in the combination. With the right amount of sweet, chilli, salty, tanginess, Mister Chai’s bhel is a must try and we would like to visit again for it.

Sprouts Bhel

Sprouts Bhel at Mister Chai, Shangri-La (PC: KS Swati)

Raj Kachori: If you are looking for a burst of flavor dish, their raj kachori has to be your go-to. They served raj kachori in a desi style with dahi (curd) which was neither too sour nor too sweet. Excess of anything is bad and they know the perfect taste to serve the curd. Raj kachori is something that has been a part of Indian street food and foodies can’t let go of it when they stroll a street full of food. Mister Chai’s Raj kachori will satisfy you to the brim and will leave you wanting for more.

Raj Kachori

Raj Kachori at Mister Chai, Shangri-La (PC: KS Swati)

Kolkata Chop: With richness also comes authenticity and keeping that in mind, they did a good job of bringing the authentic Kolkata Street food. The Kolkata chop plays a reminisce of those old Kolkata street filled with the aroma of chop. The chop had a fine mixing of spices, beetroot, peanuts and potato. Mister Chai did a good job of retaining the flavor and not letting go of the authenticity.

Kolkata Chop

Kolkata Chop at Mister Chai, Shangri-La (PC: KS Swati)

Verdict: The overall experience was great. Mister Chai’s beverages also offers a custom blend of in-house teas freshly prepared in front of guests. From snacks to beverages, Mister Chai serves a plethora of choices. If you are looking for a place to witness the richness of Indian street food, Mister Chai can be tried.

Overall Rating: 3.5 / 5

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