Tammy Slaton’s future in 1000-lb Sisters is unclear as she works on her health in rehab. Fans don’t think 1000-lb Sisters can exist without Tammy.

Tammy Slaton’s role in the future of the 1000-lb Sisters franchise has been up in the air as she’s busy recovering in rehab, but some fans don’t think there is any future for 1000-lb Sisters without the controversial reality star. Tammy ended season 3 on a challenging note as she was rushed to the emergency after she temporarily lost her ability to breathe, and some don’t think it’s smart for Tammy to return to 1000-lb Sisters season 4. While she might be the most frustrating Slaton family member featured in the series and in the midst of a medical crisis, here’s why 1000-lb Sisters fans think there’s no show without Tammy Slaton.


Unfortunately, Tammy has proven herself to be a divisive television personality throughout her harrowing weight loss journey in 1000-lb Sisters. The main reason why Tammy is so despised by 1000-lb Sisters‘audience is the manipulative way she treats her siblings. Even though the Slaton family has done their best to care for and support Tammy, the reality star hasn’t demonstrated any gratitude for her siblings’ affection and regularly bullies her younger sister, Amy Slaton-Halterman. On top of her controversial behavior, Tammy’s slammed for failing to meet her weight loss goals time and time again. Although some might want her fired from the series, other 1000-lb Sisters fans think there’s no show without Tammy Slaton.

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Ever since the dramatic conclusion of 1000-lb Sisters season 3, viewers have questioned what lies in store for Amy and Tammy Slaton’s careers on reality TV. While the Slaton family’s followers are eager for another season, TLC has been reluctant to confirm 1000-lb Sisters season 4. What’s more, viewers have deduced that if a season 4 is on the way, it would likely be without Tammy. After being rushed to the hospital during the 1000-lb Sisters season 3 finale, Tammy was put in a rehabilitation facility to work on her weight loss venture. Tammy’s stay at the hospital might mean that she’s too busy to film 1000-lb Sisters season 4. While some would be fine watching a season without Tammy, others argue that 1000-lb Sisters needs the controversial sibling. A Reddit user cemented, “Tammy is the show. It doesn’t matter what she does.”

Tammy Slaton smiling in 1000-lb Sisters

Although Tammy’s the least popular cast member in 1000-lb Sisters, fans agree Tammy Slaton’s belligerent behavior and stubborn eating habits keep the series entertaining. Even though Amy, Chris Combs, and Amanda Halterman are all beloved by 1000-lb Sisters‘fanbase, skeptical viewers don’t see how the Slaton siblings would have a compelling show without the conflict that Tammy and her ongoing food addiction elicit. A fan explained, “For the average reality TV viewer … Tammy is exactly the type of person they want to watch.” Despite the negativity she brings to her family and the 1000-lb Sisters franchise, viewers think there’s no show without Tammy Slaton because she creates the chaos audiences tune in for. One commenter thinks Amy, Chris, and Amanda are aware of 1000-lb Sisters‘dependence on Tammy, suggesting, “[Tammy] is the star of the show … [It’s] why the entire family begs her to participate in things. “

Tammy wreaks havoc upon her family’s life throughout her run in 1000-lb Sisters, but fans think Tammy Slaton’s chaos is vital to the show’s watchability. From her ongoing weight loss journey to her explosive arguments with the Slaton family, 1000-lb Sisters fans assert that there’s no show without Tammy Slaton. Although 1000-lb Sisters season 4 could be just around the corner, fans aren’t sure that it would be worth watching without Tammy.

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