Tammy Slaton from 1000-lb Sisters is known for her negative and self-centered behavior. Many fans believe she won’t change if she loses weight.

Tammy Slaton from 1000-lb Sisters has gained notoriety on the show for her quick temper, entitled attitude, and selfish behavior. She has never fully committed to the process of losing weight despite the encouragement and support from her family. Many fans believe that Tammy’s bad behavior is caused by issues that are beyond the numbers on the scale.

The 35-year-old recently went through a health scare that left her hospitalized and in a medically induced coma. Fans are hoping that this will be the wake-up call that Tammy needs to turn her life around, but many are doubtful. Her personality and negative attitude may remain, even if she manages to lose weight. It is clear that Tammy has some things she needs to work through emotionally and mentally before she can begin to care for herself on the outside. Tammy’s self-sabotaging behavior is more than just skin deep. If the 1000-lb Sisters star can’t get a handle on the root of the problem, things may never change for her.


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Tammy has been open about her food addiction, which sent Tammy to rehab, and how it has hindered her weight loss efforts. Unfortunately, she has failed to take responsibility, and how she is the one that is holding herself back. Tammy continues to shift blame and find reasons why any setback she encounters isn’t her fault. When anyone tries to confront Tammy or force her to look at her behavior, she lashes out. Some fans took to Reddit, saying if Tammy does lose weight, she likely won’t change. The 1,000 lb Sisters star has had many opportunities and offers for help, and some don’t understand why she hasn’t fully accepted it. One Reddit user, weiers08, said, “You can’t help someone, they have to help themselves, even when they’re shooting themselves in the foot over and over again and complaining their foot hurts. If she goes to therapy, she has to come to terms with her own behavior. “

Tammy Slaton in 1000-lb Sisters

Tammy reluctantly agreed to go to therapy but did not want to actively participate. She even doubted if she would return for further sessions. Many fans think that her food addiction is fueled by the loneliness and isolation she felt during her childhood. Tammy and her fellow 1,000 lb Sisters costar Amy Halterman have a strained relationship with their mother, and they relied on each other a lot growing up. Tammy has touched on the fact that since she was young, she has turned to food as a source of comfort and as an escape from her emotions.

Despite her struggles, the one thing that everyone can agree on is that Tammy likes to manipulate her family. How she speaks to her siblings and expects them to do things for her is irritating and frustrating to 1,000 lb Sisters viewers. Instead of being thankful or understanding of how much they have tried to help her, Tammy continues to believe they are constantly attacking her and they don’t care about her. She fails to comprehend the time and the sacrifices they made to do everything they can for her. In the same thread, Ship_Destroyer wrote, “I had a friend like Tammy. The thing is they don’t change. They’re always the victim and if you’re not quite literally babying them they make you out to be the bad guy. ”

Tammy needs to get her life back on track, and it’s not too late for her to turn it around. Many hope that she will start treating her family better and start taking responsibility for herself. In the end, fans want 1000-lb Sisters to return, with Tammy making the necessary changes to be the best version of herself.

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