Amy and Tammy Slaton faced unprecedented drama in 1000-lb Sisters season 3. Skeptical fans believe 1000-lb Sisters’ conflict is scripted.

Tammy and Amy Slaton have struggled to overcome harrowing emotional and physical obstacles in 1000-lb Sisters, but some skeptical fans think most of the conflict in the siblings’ series is scripted. Unfortunately, 1000-lb Sisters‘audience witnessed some major ups and downs throughout the Slaton family’s few years as reality stars, and viewers aren’t sure that everything broadcasted is authentic. From the intense fights between Amy and Tammy to the TLC network’s knack for staging scenes in their reality television shows, here’s why 1000-lb Sisters fans think the series is scripted.

Amy and Tammy have always striven to be famous. Before the pair starred in 1000-lb Sisters, the siblings amassed a large following on YouTube. By giving their subscribers glimpses into their everyday lives, Amy and Tammy’s YouTube channels earned millions of views. Amy and Tammy promised that they decided to star in 1000-lb Sisters so they could finally follow through on their weight loss journeys. As 1000-lb Sisters‘audience knows all too well, however, neither Amy nor Tammy have made as much progress in their fitness quests as their doctors would have liked them to. While many viewers believe Amy and Tammy have been brutally honest about the hardships of food addiction, other 1000-lb Sisters fans think the series is scripted.


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Amy and Tammy’s journeys reached their most dramatic peaks in 1000-lb Sisters season 3. During the latest chapter of the Slaton family’s story, both Slaton sisters struggled to achieve their fitness goals and dealt with family issues. While Amy prioritized her baby, Gage, over her health mission, Tammy made a slew of terrible health decisions throughout season 3. Not only did Tammy embark on a romantic relationship with a fame-hungry TikTok enabler, Phillip Redmond, but she also decided to drink alcohol with her friends instead of adhering to her diet and exercise routine. Additionally, Tammy took any chance she could to lash out at her siblings whether it be calling Amy dumb or threatening to fight her sister, Amanda. While Tammy’s tragic journey made for compelling television, some 1000-lb Sisters fans think it made the series seem scripted. One Reddit user established, “It’s reality tv. Of course it’s scripted.”

Tammy and Amy Slaton sit on the couch for a confessional in 1000-Lb Sisters Season 3

Even though it’s clear that Amy and Tammy are dealing with generations of emotional trauma, cynical fans suspect that the pair fabricated their conflict in 1000-lb Sisters season 3. While viewers don’t believe that the Slaton family follows a script, skeptics think 1000-lb Sisters‘producers influence the siblings to start fights with one another. A fan theorized, “[The producers] just create conditions that are likely to lead to dramatic situations. “ Additionally, 1000-lb Sisters viewers noted that TLC is known for manufacturing drama for all of its series regardless of how much authentic conflict already exists between a series’ subjects. One commenter asserted, “TLC has the habit of staging most parts of their shows.” More optimistic viewers argued that Amy and Tammy’s YouTube content speaks to their ability to create compelling TV naturally, but doubters believe 1000-lb Sisters relies on producers’ prompts.

Whether Amy and Tammy were on reality TV or not, they would be dealing with their food addictions, but viewers think the drama of 1000-lb Sisters might not always be real. Based on the sisters’ over-the-top fights and TLC’s tendency to stage scenes in their shows, 1000-lb Sisters fans think the series is scripted. Hopefully, Amy and Tammy’s weight loss journeys finally take priority in 1000-lb Sisters season 4’s scripts.

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