Amy and Tammy Slaton are struggling to meet their weight loss goals in 1000-lb Sisters. Some fans still have hope Amy and Tammy can lose weight.

Amy and Tammy Slaton haven’t prioritized their weight loss journeys throughout the past couple of 1000-lb Sisters seasons, but some fans still believe the duo have a shot at reclaiming their health. After 1000-lb Sisters season 3, the Slaton family’s followers were left discouraged as neither Amy nor Tammy had made the fitness progress they needed to make to get their lives back on track, but some viewers are holding out for Amy and Tammy’s success. From Tammy’s rehab stay to feedback the siblings have received from 1000-lb Sisters‘audience, here’s why fans still have hope for Amy and Tammy’s weight loss.


Regrettably, Amy and Tammy have given their followers plenty of reason to lose faith in their abilities to lose weight. Even though they joined 1000-lb Sisters intending to slim down enough to qualify for bariatric surgery, Amy and Tammy haven’t always been focused on their health goals throughout the three years they’ve starred on reality television. Specifically, Tammy has disappointed her followers time and time again as she has cheated on her diet and partied rather than follow her doctor’s instructions. Amy has also strayed from her fitness goals since undergoing bariatric surgery and having a child. Although the odds are stacked against them, some 1000-lb Sisters fans have hope for Amy and Tammy’s weight loss.

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Although Amy and Tammy were in desperate need of weight loss in 1000-lb Sisters season 1, the siblings have more on the line following the conclusion of season 3 than they ever had before. Tammy was rushed to the emergency room because she lost her ability to breathe after months of relying on an oxygen tube. Additionally, Amy’s doctor shared that her weight loss progress had stalled as she wasn’t slimming down as much as she should’ve been. Viewers believe that Amy’s recent roadblock is a result of her ongoing food addiction and focus on creating a family. Even though neither Amy nor Tammy have been especially inspiring lately, some 1000-lb Sisters fans still have hope for the Slaton siblings’ weight loss journeys. A Reddit user explained, “We all keep watching [because] we hope to see Tammy finally lose weight. “

Tammy and Amy Slaton sit on the couch for a confessional in 1000-Lb Sisters Season 3

Despite all of the evidence that Tammy and Amy Slaton are only falling further from their weight loss objectives in 1000-lb Sisters, viewers think there is reason to believe the pair of reality stars could get their health back on track in an upcoming season. For starters, Tammy is currently getting the medical care she’s been in urgent need of. Previously, Tammy hasn’t stuck with her hospital stays, but the TV personality has utilized her social media to keep her fans aware of her progress. Tammy’s given fans hope by asserting that she’s losing weight this time around. Additionally, viewers hope Amy will focus on her fitness again after receiving tough love from the 1000-lb Sisters fanbase. A commenter shared, “Amy is getting real world feedback that she has not [been] subjected to before that may help. “

While skeptics claim Amy and Tammy’s weight loss journeys have already failed, some fans believe the 1000-lb Sisters stars have it in them to turn their fitness ventures around. From Tammy’s successful rehab stay to Amy’s recent rude awakening, optimistic fans have hope for Amy and Tammy’s weight loss. Hopefully, Amy and Tammy don’t let 1000-lb Sisters fans down and can reclaim their weight loss quests before it’s too late.

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