There’s a Twitter thread explaining the science behind making Doritos chips so addictive

Are you a snack lover who is struggling too hard to keep their hands off a pack of Doritos chips? Even after complaining about calories and fat, you end up eating a whole packet in one go? Well! we are sure after every bite one question that must be crossing your mind is ‘Why are Doritos chips so addictive?’ There’s a piece of good news for all of you as we have found a Twitter thread that explains what makes the chips so irresistible that you cannot stop at just one. It mentions that Doritos have an almost perfectly balanced mix of salt, sugar and is sprinkled with a long list of flavor enhancers. A verified Twitter user by the name ‘Trung Phan’ explains the nature of this food product making it one of the most loved snack in a compelling tweet thread.

It started with a tweet that reads, “Doritos are a good way to understand junk food. As noted by a Colorado U study on food addiction, natural ingredients are often processed to be addictive.”

“A common trait of junk food is the combination of fat and sugar. In nature, these compounds are rarely found combined. There are myriad ways to mix them in a standard kitchen, but the snack industry has turned mixing sugar and fat into a science. Here are 6 ways Doritos do it:

“Speaking of fat and sugar, Doritos have an almost perfectly balanced mix. The 2 main ingredients are corn (carbohydrates) and vegetable oils (fats). The calories in a Doritos chip are split almost exactly 50/50 between carbs and fat (each bag contains 3 cobs of corn).

“Humans have developed a craving for compounds that come out of the cooking process. Doritos satisfies this desire by offering you several cooking levels:

“A Doritos chip is sprinkled with a long list of flavor enhancers:


Sugar, Salt

inosinate / disodium guanylate

garlic / pepper / tomato / onion powder

This mixture is called “non-specific aroma”. No flavor is dominant enough to induce satiety (feeling full). “

“So much cheese. Doritos are loaded with real cheese: romano, cheddar and parmesan (it uses milk from 10,000 cows a year). When digested, cheese releases a compound called casomorphim which attaches to the same brain receptors as heroin. a satisfying dopamine hit. “

“A bite of Doritos starts with a crunch but quickly dissolves in your mouth. This is a phenomenon known as” caloric density vanishing “. Feeling food “disappear in your mouth” signals to the brain that you “need” more.

To sum it all up we can say that you can’t really afford to say ‘No’ to Doritos chips


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