Amy & Tammy have struggled to balance their personal lives and weight loss in 1000-lb Sisters. Amy & Tammy should quit the show before season 4.

Amy and Tammy Slaton’s followers have been eager to learn more about the future of the 1000-lb Sisters franchise, but some fans think the pair of reality star siblings should cut their losses and quit the show while they’re ahead. Regrettably, Amy and Tammy have endured extreme low points in their relationship and personal lives throughout their past few years in 1000-lb Sisters, and viewers aren’t optimistic about the sisters’ chances of turning things around in another season. From the unhealthy habits they’ve picked up while filming to their demanding new priorities, here’s why Amy and Tammy Slaton should quit 1000-lb Sister ahead of season 4.


Although TLC has yet to make any official statement on their plans for producing 1000-lb Sisters season 4, the Slaton clan’s followers have already conveyed strong arguments for why another season could be bad news for Amy and Tammy. While starring on a hit reality series has its perks like a salary that helps Amy support her family and Tammy pay her medical bills, the past three years in 1000-lb Sisters has undeniably come with a heavy price. Amy and Tammy’s followers think another year of 1000-lb Sisters would only create more problems for the duo of TV personalities during a time when Amy and Tammy desperately need to focus on their futures.

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For better or for worse, 1000-lb Sisters season 3 turned out to be the most climactic season of Amy and Tammy’s weight loss journeys yet. While Amy Slaton finally got the chance to focus on her dream of starting a family with her husband, Michael Halterman, and her son, Gage, Tammy reached a breaking point in her fitness quest that almost proved to be deadly. While the sisters’ season 3 storylines made for great television, fans think Amy and Tammy Slaton should quit the show and focus on their goals rather than embark on more drama in 1000-lb Sisters season 4.

Amy & Tammy Should Quit To Stop Gaining Weight

Amy and Tammy Slaton on 1000-lb Sisters

Amy and Tammy’s joint goal of losing weight hasn’t always been realized in 1000-lb Sisters. In season 1, Amy and Tammy agreed to combat their food addictions and lose enough pounds to qualify for bariatric surgery. While their intentions were noble, both Amy and Tammy have struggled to hold themselves to their fitness endeavors throughout their harrowing journeys in 1000-lb Sisters. By the end of 1000-lb Sisters season 1, Amy proved she has what it takes to turn her life around when her doctor agreed that she had lost enough weight to undergo bariatric surgery. After the operation, Amy went on to lose over 100 pounds within her first months post-surgery. Tammy, on the other hand, failed to make substantial headway in her health quest and was ultimately denied the opportunity to get bariatric surgery. Sadly, this was only the beginning of Amy and Tammy’s turbulent weight loss efforts.

Amy and Tammy Slaton should quit the show because both of the siblings have gained weight the longer they’ve starred in 1000-lb Sisters. Although she succeeded in qualifying for bariatric surgery by the end of season 1, during the next couple of years, Amy dropped the ball. In season 2, Amy was more focused on her pregnancy than she was on her diet. Sadly, Amy Slaton discovered she was short of her weight loss goals in 1000-lb Sisters season 3. Now that Amy’s pregnant again, viewers anticipate another halt in the reality star’s weight loss progress. Tammy has also only grown more emboldened to avoid her diet and exercise regimen in the latest 1000-lb Sisters seasons. Tammy ended up in the hospital during the season 3 finale as a result of her ambivalence for her weight loss commitment. Amy and Tammy would likely gain more weight in season 4.

Tammy Slaton Should Quit The Show & Recover

Tammy Slaton looks scared in 1000-lb Sisters

The most prominent reason why Tammy should quit 1000-lb Sisters is her ongoing battle with her food addiction. Tammy has only fallen further from her weight loss goals with every season she agrees to star in 1000-lb Sisters. At the end of season 3, Tammy was rushed to a hospital because she lost her ability to breathe. Tammy Slaton was put into an induced coma because she failed to make her health a priority while starring in 1000-lb Sisters. Tammy’s followers believe it would benefit the television personality to take a break from the spotlight and focus on her recovery. Tammy’s currently fighting her food addiction at rehab, and fans think it would be a mistake for her to leave the hospital to star in 1000-lb Sisters season 4. If she wants to avoid another near-death experience, Tammy needs to quit the show and focus on her recovery in rehab.

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Amy Slaton Should Quit The Show & Focus On Her Children

Amy proved that she is a great mother and entertaining star in 1000-lb Sisters at the same time, but her supporters think Amy’s putting too much pressure on herself by continuing her career in reality TV. Sadly, Amy Slaton has struggled to carve out enough time to focus on her dreams of starting a family while working in 1000-lb Sisters. First, Amy had to lose enough weight to give birth safely, then Amy needed to deal with all of the drama that came with creating boundaries in her relationship with Tammy. Amy also shared that she was struggling to maintain her home’s cleanliness in 1000-lb Sisters season 3 when she confronted her hoarding habit. Now that she’s pregnant again, Amy has to prepare for double the mothering work she’s used to. Amy should quit 1000-lb Sisters so she can focus on her dream of being a mother.

Tammy Slaton Should Quit The Show To End Her Relationship With Fans

Tammy Slaton in 1000-lb Sisters

An unfortunate side effect of starring in a reality series is fans’ reactions to controversial cast members like Tammy. Although Tammy Slaton has a passion for social media, the Slaton sister regularly receives judgmental messages from 1000-lb Sisters‘audience online. While Tammy might have earned criticism for the way she treats her siblings, most of the hate she receives on Instagram and TikTok is solely harmful as it targets Tammy’s appearance. Despite the nasty messages Tammy receives, her active relationship with her followers while in recovery at rehab demonstrates that the reality star could be trapped in a toxic relationship with 1000-lb Sisters‘fanbase. If Tammy Slaton quit the show, she would likely enjoy a self-esteem boost as her critics would have no reason to continue tearing her down. Without 1000-lb SistersTammy could free herself of her toxic connection with fans.

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