Actor and musician Jeremy Shada is known for his role in Julie & The Phantoms as Reggie, but which other movies and TV shows has he appeared in?

Here are the other roles Julie & The Phantoms’ Reggie actor Jeremy Shada is best known for. Actor and musician Jeremy Shada earned a lot of praise for his role in Netflix’s popular yet short-lived musical comedy series Julie & The Phantoms as Reggie – the bass player of a band killed by food poisoning in 1995 that’s inadvertently resurrected by an aspiring teenage musician 25 years later. It’s his best-known live-action role to date, but Shada has been acting since he was young and has many credits to his name.

Shada started his career in the mid-2000s and had small roles on the likes of ER and Lost – the latter of which saw him play a young version of Dominic Monaghan’s character Charlie. He soon discovered a talent for voice acting and landed his first big voice role in 2009 as Robin in the Cartoon Network’s Batman: The Brave And The Bold. The following year, Shada started voicing main character Finn in Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time – a 10-season role that earned him several voice acting awards.


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Fans of Adventure Time may also recognize Shada’s voice from the DreamWorks animated anime mecha series Voltron: Legendary Defender in which he played fighter pilot Lance. His other voice roles of note include playing Ross Caliban – a pop star who was kidnapped by the villain Hammerhead – in the season 2 premiere of Disney XD’s Spider-Man series and voicing the character of Pug in the 2012 stop-motion animated movie ParaNorman. He also had a starring voice role as Cody Maverick in the 2017 direct-to-video animated comedy Surf’s Up 2: WaveManiareplacing Shia LaBeouf from the original movie.

Jeremy Shada in Mr Student Body President

Shada has plenty of live-action roles under his belt too. He was a main cast member in the Cartoon Network series Incredible Crew and had a starring role as hyper-ambitious high school student Tyler Prendergast in the comedy web series Mr. Student Body President. Just prior to nabbing his role as Julie & The Phantoms’ Reggie, he played the title character in the Snap Original show Denton’s Death Datea comedy about a high schooler who starts living life to the fullest when he discovers he’s about to die in a week.

Julie & The Phantoms was unfortunately canceled after just one season, but Jeremy Shada has been keeping busy with other roles since the show came to an end. Recently, he reprised his role as Finn in the animated miniseries Adventure Time: Distant Lands and was the voice behind the main character Tom Kullerson in the How To Train Your Dragon spinoff series Dragons: The Nine Realms.

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