Season 3 of My 600-lb Life introduced viewers to Marla McCants, a woman who was bedridden because of her weight. A mother of three, McCants needed help from her children for almost everything. McCants was able to stand up at the end of her episode on the TLC series and seemed hopeful for the future. Here’s what McCants has been up to since then.

Marla McCants in ‘My 600-lb Life’ | TLC via YouTube

‘My 600-lb Life’ Season 3 Episode 10 focused on Marla McCants

My 600-lb Life Season 3 Episode 10 is titled “Marla’s Story.” It focused on Marla McCants, a woman whose weight was unknown but estimated to be around 800 lbs. McCants’ weight made it so that she could not stand up, and she relied on her children to help her with most tasks.

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