STAUNTON – I’ve never eaten at a Long John Silver’s in my entire life. I believe the one in Staunton is the first one I’ve ever seen, although I’ve been told that there was once a location in my hometown of Leesburg. I don’t remember it.

Since I’ve made myself the designated LJS reporter, I was tasked in finding out what is served when the fast food joint opens at 10 am I mean, they’ve got to have some sort of breakfast, right? But, what would be fried fish breakfast related?

Um. Well. It’s the same menu offered throughout the day.

A hushpuppy from Long John Silver's in Staunton.

This has been an entire build up. I’ve never in my life seen so much hype about a fried fish food place. The only other fast food restaurant I could equate this to would be Popeye’s, which is coming to Waynesboro eventually. So, get ready for that.

The LJS in Staunton was destroyed in early 2021, then torn down to be rebuilt in the fall of 2021 and reopened on Monday, May 2.

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