With Kenny Smith of the Inside crew missing the last day of regular-season action due to illness, Charles Barkley played the role of detective along with Shaquille O’Neal to uncover the behind his absence.

Ernie Johnson started the show by mentioning that Smith would continue to be absent from the panel after a bad case of food poisoning. While this was unfortunate news for the crew and fans, Barkley was not convinced in the slightest.

Putting his best detective act on, Charles Barkley started by saying:

“First of all, let me tel you why he’s lying. He just wanted an extra couple of days at home. First of all, Kenny’s a vegetarian.”

The comment itself received a hilarious reaction from Shaquille O’Neal, who proclaimed that Detective Barkley was on the scene. However, the Chuckster was not finished with his deduction.

“I can get sick eating chitlins, meatballs, burgers and pizza. Nobody get that broccolini crap, the asparagus he be eating. Those black bean burgers. There’s no way that crap can make you sick.”

Barkley hilariously went on to deny the existence of tofu as well while going off about Smith’s absence. But Shaquille O’Neal filled in quickly as he claimed to have evidence of Smith’s whereabouts.

“Ernie, I have access to satellite drones. I know where he’s at, I’m just trying to get confirmation that we have him. I will be showing you where he’s at very soon.”

With an extremely hostile environment awaiting Kenny Smith upon return, the Inside crew continues to offer hysterical pearls of entertainment on their show.

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However, the crew continues to share a good relationship. Often playing pranks and directing comments to rile each other up, the Inside crew continues to be one of the best and most entertaining panels on television.

With the regular-season coming to an end, the NBA will be on break till April 12th to prepare for the Play-In tournament. With four teams in each conference fighting for a chance to make it to the playoffs, the highly competitive environment promises to be an entertaining spectacle.

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