MARTINSBURG, W.Va. (AP) – Blue Ridge Community and Technical College Associate Dean of Culinary Arts and Hospitality Steve Weiss smiled as he spoke about the world of hyperrealistic desserts, the videos many enjoy on TikTok, YouTube and Facebook where viewers wonder if an item will be revealed to be edible or not.

“Is somebody going to take a knife to this kitchen sink or wall or chair?” he laughed.

While Weiss has decades of experience in world of realistic edible creations and years of experience in baking competition shows, those worlds will combine when “Is It Cake?” is released on Netflix later this month, Weiss one of eight contestants competing to fool panels of celebrity judges with their works of art.

Each episode pits individuals from the group of competitors against each other, each tasked with creating a different hyperrealistic piece. The panel of judges must then determine which of the items presented before them is cake, and in the end, host Mikey Day takes knife to item and reveals if the judges were correct.

“Just like any other artist, when I started out originally, I started out with abstract edible art, coming up with abstract art,” he said. “Then you start to think, ‘Can I recreate this out of chocolate or sugar or cake?’ As an artist, you try to stretch yourself a bit. You try to work those boundaries and see if it’s possible. With my sugar art, it’s very similar to glass art and glass blowing. Trying to recreate some glass pieces or things along those lines, I would do that as well. “

Years of trying to push his own boundaries, to challenge himself within his medium and to learn as much as he can within his field led him to this most recent competition. Formerly, Weiss has competed on The Food Network in a number of productions, including Food Network Special America’s Best Pastry (2000), Food Network Special $ 50,000 Pastry Challenge (2003), Food Network’s Pastry Daredevils (2005), Food Network’s Sugar Impossible (2010 ), Food Network’s Flying Sugar (2011), Food Network’s Sugar Inventions (2011), Food Network’s King of Cones (2014), Food Network Series Cake Wars Christmas (2015) and Food Network Halloween Wars (2020), which he and his team won.

“It’s the climb, not getting there but the climb to get there: that’s what’s most rewarding,” Weiss said. “For me, it is. I’m an educator, so I want to learn. I love learning, and I’ve always kept that as something that I’ve always loved to do. “

He added: “I need to enrich myself just as much as a student needs to in the classroom, and I need to learn from people that know the same or more than I do. Everybody, I think, on cast learned a little bit of something from somebody. “

Featuring a plethora of techniques to create amazingly realistic cakes, Weiss said the cast truly came together as a group of friends, taking advantage of the opportunity to bond and grow together in their profession.

“It’s a really diverse group of individuals that if it wasn’t for the show, I probably would’t have met any of them,” Weiss said. “The energy that was on set every day was just very high.

“In the end, you create friendships that we hope will last quite a while. We’re all artists in the end, and in a sense, we all want each of us to do well. It was really a fun set to be on. Out of all the sets I’ve been on over all those years, this was probably one of the funnest groups of individuals, one of the most educationally rewarding groups I could possibly be around. We had some really good chemistry, all of us, together. I think that’s going to make for a really good show. “

Proud of his own creations and those of his fellow competitors, Weiss said the stress was not only in the creating but watching the judges debate which item was real and which was cake, though stress is nothing new to those in the industry.

“The food industry is highly stressful. The funny little thing we all say is, ‘Desserts spelled backwards is stressed,’ ”he laughed. “It’s something that we deal with on a daily basis.

“It’s a stressful part of the show whenever anytime you do a reveal. Ultimately, you want to fool the judges. “

This is Weiss’ first streaming show, competing prior in a more traditional television format where shows are dropped once a week. He said to be at this point in not just his career but the food competition industry is interesting, having watched the shows evolve over time.

“From 20 years ago to where it is now, it’s ballooned into people just love to watch people cook,” Weiss said.

“Is It Cake?” will be released on Netflix on March 18 with eight 40-minute episodes.

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