Vinton Unlimited hosted their first-ever “Progressive” Business After-Hours. The “Progressive After-Hours Healthcare Edition” began at Virginia Gay Hospital with a meal and displays presented by the various departments. The informational booths shared upgrades in services as well as demonstrations of the functions of the hospital.

Physical Therapy shared various types of treatment that they offer to patients. Demonstrating a few items that they brought from their department they showed how they could help with recovery.

The hospital also shared with the group that they had recently added a new MRI machine. The new model is larger, quieter and faster. One of the examples of the benefits of this machine was an example of what the previous machine showed in the scan. The previous machine didn’t produce a clear image compared to the newer machine’s crisp picture of what is happening inside the body. A definite example of why an update was needed.

Outpatient Services explained several of the specialties in their department. The services include the lab, physical therapy, x-ray and surgeries that deal with ENT, ortho, urology, endoscopy, and general surgery. The clinic offers treatment in the areas of oncology, pulmonology and pain management and several other services.

Food and Nutrition Services spoke about their work with nutrition and weight management as well as helping patients with food allergies. They’ve recently started a new diabetes prevention program. This helps people who are prediabetic, at risk for diabetes, have a history of gestational diabetes, as a way to prevent Type 2 diabetes. The program has shown to prevent 58% of new cases of diabetes. The department has recently added new programs for gestational, Type 1 and Type 2 diabetics to help better manage diabetes and to help take care of their own health.

The trauma care department spoke briefly about the Stop the Bleed program and demonstrated how to properly apply a tourniquet in case of an emergency. In Iowa there are 4 levels of trauma care centers, Virginia Gay Hospital is a level four trauma center, which is the lowest rank, while Iowa Methodist in Des Moines and the University of Iowa, in Iowa City are the only level one providers in Iowa . So if there were an emergency with major injuries you would be stabilized at Virginia Gay Hospital and then transfer as quickly as possible to the nearest operating room that can handle the emergency like Iowa City. Mercy and St. Lukes’s in Cedar Rapids are considered level three hospitals.

Home Health shared information about its skilled nursing services. They offer care and assistance to those living at home. This department is very busy with their services with the goal to keep as many people in their homes as long as possible. They help with bathing in the home, physical and occupational therapy, and speech therapy. Anyone can be referred for assistance, but they need a physician’s order with a qualifying diagnosis. They also work with training people to test their blood sugar or injection training, and then follows up with patients to see if there are other areas where they need assistance. They will then coordinate with other services in the hospital as they are needed.

Katie Cox ofPublic Health shared that every three years they do community health needs assessment and they are working to put that together to bring resources to the community. They work on disease investigations, flu and COVID vaccines, and blood pressure checks to help the community.

Robin Martin shared with the group the hospital’s brand new video presentation that displays the history ofVirginia Gay Hospital. The video also honors those who help to keep the doors of VGH open. So if you find yourself in the waiting room, it won’t be time wasted. She also mentioned the hospital’s new Home Health vehicle obtained through the assistance of Ervin Motors, wrapped by Tharp Design and it is now in service to the community.

Tomorrow we’ll focus on other stops on the tour.

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