Mr Honcharenko accused Russians of purposely launching missiles at food warehouses in cities in Ukraine. Weeks into the Russian invasion on Ukrainian soil, more than 2.5 million refugees have been displaced as Russian troops take the country by shelling Ukraine’s once populous towns and cities. The Ukrainian politician told Channel 4 News that the attacks were targeting purposely. Many fear that the attacks on Ukrainian food warehouses will cause even more food shortages, as it’s a struggle to get aid and supplies in.

Mr Honcharenko said: “From here food is taken to Brovary and to Kyiv, so they try to cut off the supply of food to the city.”

Ms Hilsum said: “So you don’t think this was a stray missile?”

Mr Honcharenko said: “No because it was like say, it was also glass also missiles, it was like several types …”

Ms Hilsum said: “So it was targeted?”

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Mr Honcharenko added: “So it was targetted on this definitely!”

Ms Hilsum added: “We saw a similar food warehouse hit in the black sea port of Mikhaylov adding to the suspicion that destroying food is a tactic.

“A former deputy prosecutor is here to investigate if there’s evidence of a war crime.”

Gyunduz Mamedov said: “It is clear that the artillery strike was aimed precisely at this object which is one of the largest warehouses.

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Mr Mamedo added: “Where there are refrigerators and food products that are delivered to the capital of Ukraine, to Kyiv.

“And we can say that it was a deliberate destruction of this facility in order to create a humanitarian collapse and deprive the population of Kyiv of food.”

Many experts have been predicted food shortages in Ukraine, and even in certain countries around the world.

World Food Program Executive Director David Beasley, said: “As hunger threatens Ukraine directly, the fallout from this war will spread across the globe. Russia and Ukraine together export about 30 per cent of the world’s wheat.”

Mr Beasley added: “As the war heats up, dozens of distant countries are set to feel the burn.

“This is not just a crisis inside Ukraine. This is going to affect supply chains, and particularly the cost of food.

“Now we’re looking at a price hike that will cost us, in operational costs, anywhere from 60 and 75 million dollars more per month. And that means more people are going to go to bed hungry. “

Many Brits have feared the impact of food shortages hitting the UK.

A UK Government spokesperson said: “The UK has a highly resilient food supply chain – which has coped well in responding to unprecedented challenges.

“Direct food imports from Eastern Europe are low, and we do not expect any significant direct impact on UK food supply.

“However, we will continue to speak with the industry to understand any potential pressures.”

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