Micheal Gove grilled on Ukrainian refugee scheme

In total, 71 percent (4,515) of those who took part in the Express.co.uk poll said they would not offer accommodation while 22 percent (1,382) said they would. Seven percent (419) were undecided, according to the poll. Readers were asked: “Would you provide a room for Ukrainian refugees for £ 350 a month?”

The poll was carried out on Sunday, March 13 and followed news that households will receive the monthly payment under a generous new scheme launched by the Government on Monday.

“Homes for Ukraine” will let refugees from the war come to Britain even if they do not have family ties.

Britain will pay people £ 350 pounds if they can offer refugees a spare room or property for a minimum of six months.

Under the new scheme, members of the public, charities, businesses and community groups should be able to offer accommodation via a web page.

Most Express readers who took part in a poll said they would not offer a room for £ 350 (Image: Getty)

Refugees from Ukraine who arrived to Krakow

Refugees from Ukraine in Krakow (Image: Getty)

The Government has faced criticism over its response to the refugee crisis with Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer describing its handling of people fleeing Ukraine as “an embarrassment for the United Kingdom”.

The Labor leader told Sky News’ Sophy Ridge on Sunday: “The likelihood of an invasion of Ukraine was known weeks ago.

“The Home Office have been far too slow, far too mean in relation to this, and frankly the last few weeks have been an embarrassment for the United Kingdom in the way that it has dealt with refugees.”

Asked if there should be a cap on the number of refugees the UK takes, Sir Keir replied: “No.”


waiting to be taken to a humanitarian train

Refugees waiting to be taken to a humanitarian train in Poland (Image: Getty)

A young boy refugee fleeing Ukraine arrives at the Vysne Nemecke border crossing

A young boy refugee fleeing Ukraine arrives at the Vysne Nemecke border crossing (Image: Getty)

He also said: “We should provide sanctuary to all of those who are fleeing for their lives that want to come to the United Kingdom and play our full part.”

Health secretary Sajid Javid said on Monday it had been a “difficult process” to get to the point where Ukrainian refugees could be welcomed to the UK.

Mr Javid was asked on Sky News whether it had taken too long to get systems in place, to which he replied: “We’re actually one of the first countries to offer humanitarian support, over £ 400 million of support so far, I think more bilaterally than any other country.

“We’ve offered, we’ve talked about the weapons and the military support.

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Refugee arrivals from Ukraine (Image: Express)

“For my part in my department … we’ve already sent seven flights of vital medicines, medical equipment, medical supplies, I think I’ve got another one leaving today, which are more in terms of medical supplies in any country.

“So I think collectively we are doing a huge amount as a country.”

Leveling Up Secretary Michael Gove has said more than 3,000 visas have been issued to Ukrainians seeking refuge in Britain with “tens of thousands” potentially set to benefit from the new scheme.

Mr Gove also announced that local authorities will be entitled to more than £ 10,000 per Ukrainian refugee using the fresh route to the UK.

Refugees fleeing Ukraine rest and are given food by the International Red Cross

Refugees fleeing Ukraine rest and are given food by the International Red Cross (Image: Getty)

He said additional payments will be available to support school-age children who need to be accommodated within the education system.

The first refugees making use of the Government’s new sponsorship route to come to the UK are expected to arrive in a week’s time.

Speaking to Sky’s Sophy Ridge on Sunday, Mr Gove said: “People can register their interest on Monday.

“Matching will be taking place from Friday. I would expect that in a week’s time we’ll see the first people coming here under the scheme.”

Express.co.uk readers slammed the Government scheme with one raging: “Unless you’re filthy rich £ 350 isn’t enough to take care of any migrant.

“The extra gas, water, electric, food, toiletries etc … especially with prices going up and up and up and up.”

A second reader asked: “Shouldn’t you be doing [it] out [of] the goodness of your heart not for financial gain? “

Another said of the £ 350 payment: “Is that enough? I would like to help. I have a large house and only me on a small pension. I can afford no more.

“Will they have money for food? Will children cause damage? Fuel bils will more than double. I cannot take the risk!”

Almost three million people have fled Ukraine since the invasion and there are growing fears that the total could double in the coming days.

The United Nations refugee agency UNHCR reported that nearly 2.7 million people had fled Ukraine as of Saturday with nearly 1.7 million of them heading to Poland.

One western official has suggested such levels of displacement have not been seen globally for at least eight decades.

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