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Tulip Cafe premiered in a Dublin strip mall last summer, but the business already had a fan base for the terrific Turkish baked goods it’s been selling for years at farmers markets. To gaze at these products from the earliest days of Tulip Cafe’s Instagram feed in 2018 – go ahead, I’ll wait – is to see beautiful breads and pastries sure to attract passing-by shoppers. To taste any of them is to become a repeat customer.

Grand opening:Turkish bakery and cafe opens Northwest Side storefront

Opening Tulip Cafe has made that much easier. And though “cafe” might be a misnomer – seating inside the cute little shop is available at one small table brought out when needed – Tulip now has its own brick-and-mortar facility, regular hours, cases of tempting goodies and a roster of both sweet and savory dishes that can be ready in relatively short order.

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