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Fresh and local isn’t a trend in Hampton, given its maritime tradition. It’s a way of life for them. They owe their existence to their ties to the sea, as well as the local fishermen and farmers who deliver the freshest products straight from the docks and farms to your table. You’ll never eat the same meal twice, with everything from artisan brewers to incredible family– and chef – owned restaurants to every fast food option imaginable.

5. Brown Chicken Brown Cow

Brown Chicken Brown Cow serves grass-fed and finished burgers that have been dry aged for 28 days, as well as a BBQ, multiple beers, and premium floats. If the weather is fine, they have lots of indoor seating in their huge dining room, as well as a dog-friendly back patio. The best are “Mouth of the South” and “Brothers Grimm”.

4. Smitty’s Better Burger

Smitty’s, founded by Paul and Ethel Smith on March 6, 1956, has been a reliable source of wonderful food at a reasonable price for Hampton residents. The drive-in has long had car hops serving their clients, and it is a well-known site where residents amaze their out-of-town visitors. Smitty’s Better Burger has been certified as a Hampton Landmark by the city of Hampton. The burgers are out of this world, and you must taste them.

3. The Barking Dog

The Barking Dog offers traditional American fare as well as the seafood that Hampton Roads is known for. The restaurant is housed in a small hut near the docks on Kecoughtan Road, with plenty of picnic tables and wooden benches inside. They have alligator sausage and fried clam strips on the menu, but they also have a simple quarter-pound hamburger with lettuce, tomato, onion, and mayonnaise as options.

2. Rick’s Cheese Steak Shop

Rick’s Cheese Steak Shop is a small franchise with three locations in Hampton Roads. Their most popular menu item, as the name implies, is Philly-style cheese steaks cooked with beef or chicken, but that’s not all they have to offer. In terms of burgers, Rick’s serves 8-ounce cheeseburgers with cheese, chili, mushrooms, and onions, or the same Cheese Whiz used on the cheese steaks.

1. Louie Bar – Hampton

Eat, drink, and be joyful. Great cocktails, chef-inspired food, and awesome service in a relaxed atmosphere where you are encouraged to relax and hang out are the foundations of the Original Gastro bar. With Bar Louie, no two bars are going to be exactly the same. So whether you’re looking for terrific food, a refreshing cocktail, or just some friendly company, Bar Louie has it all. Of course, “Tostada burger” is the top.

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