Comments are taken directly from the latest Thurston County inspection reports, which are available at each food establishment, at the Thurston County Environmental Health Office and their website at For questions concerning these reports, contact the health office at 360-867-2667.

Report restaurant complaints, including violations related to COVID-19 restrictions, online via the complaint form here:

Reading inspection scores:

  • Attention should be given to the type of violation (red versus blue) and whether the restaurant has a history of red violations or repeat violations.
  • Red violations are those most likely to cause food-borne illness and must be corrected immediately if feasible or according to a compliance schedule established by the health officer. Example: not keeping food at the right temperature.
  • Blue violations relate to the overall cleanliness and condition of operation and must be corrected according to a compliance schedule established by the health officer. Example: a worn floor that needs replacing.
  • Some common abbreviations: PHF / TCS is potentially hazardous food / time control for safety; RTE is ready to eat; PIC is person in charge; FWC is food worker card; CDI is corrected during inspection.

Hefty’s Burger

315 Cooper Point Road NW, # 105, Olympia

March 3: 30 red; 0 blue.

Comments: Raw chicken was stored over raw beef rather than below it. Chicken was improperly cooled in a pan deeper than 2 inches.

Cooper Point Chevron

2205 Cooper Point Road SW, Olympia

March 7: 35 red; 5 blue.

Comments: An employee changed tasks without washing their hands. A hand-sink did not have hand-drying provisions or a waste receptacle. There was also no bucket with sanitizer prepared in the food preparation area.

Mobil Gas # 62512

701 Trosper Road SW, Tumwater

March 8: 0 red; 2 blue.

Comments: Hand wash signage was missing near a sink. This was corrected on site.

Jack in the Box # 8471

110 Trosper Road SW, Tumwater

March 8: 5 red; 0 blue.

Comments: Two food worker cards were missing, and one needed to be renewed.

Pad Thai Express

315 Cooper Point Road NW # 102, Olympia

March 9: 0 red; 7 blue.

Comments: The sanitizer was too strong, but it was diluted on site. The men’s restroom lacked a hand-washing sign.

No violations:

  • Gravity Coffee Company (3520 Pacific Ave. SE, Olympia)
  • Arco AM / PM 7063 (175 Evergreen Park Drive SW, Olympia)
  • Domino’s Pizza (3225 Harrison Ave. NW, Olympia)
  • Handy Mart (2010 Division St. NW, Olympia)


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