Money from ultra-wealthy political donors, many who’ve made their fortunes in the tech industry, is pouring into the battle to unseat San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin as the dueling campaigns enter a critical stretch.

To date, nine weeks away from the June 7 election, the recall camp has a huge financial advantage, generating more than $ 2.7 million in donations, versus $ 1.05 million contributed to the two groups supporting Boudin.

By far the most impassioned and embittered grounds for debate are rooted in what Boudin – among the most progressive prosecutors in the nation – is or isn’t doing about crime in San Francisco. But Boudin’s supporters said some donors plunging money into the recall effort were motivated by Boudin’s clashes with gig economy companies over worker classification issues.

Boudin is also receiving support from wealthy, tech-connected donors. And several tech investors seeking to oust Boudin from office said their financial support was intended as an expression of their beliefs that Boudin’s approach to criminal justice was making San Francisco less safe, rather than a material interest in the companies they support.

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