Love them or hate them, electric cars and all of the technology they bring to this world are here to stay. Most of us are familiar, at least in name, with the Tesla brand of electric vehicles. These four-wheeled computers that move very fast are certainly on the cutting edge of technology.

David Von Diemer via

David Von Diemer via

But does the technology that’s built into every Tesla model have the ability to see things that the naked human eye is not supposed to see? Before we head down to the graveyard to examine this rather spooky occurrence, you’ll need to know a little bit about the Tesla vehicles.

You know they are electric cars. They also are well known for their navigational abilities. You’ve probably heard stories about Tesla cars being able to “drive themselves”. It’s that camera-fed technology that allows the vehicle to see objects that are in or near its path. This keeps the car on the road while your hands may not be on the wheel.

Brecht Denil via

Brecht Denil via

Quite often Tesla’s ability to “see” is actually better than the human eye. In fact, at least one Tesla owner swears his car can see dead people. Take a look at this video from Tesla owner and Tik Tok user @ iam3dgar.

As you can see the car is slowly driving down a road that is next to a cemetery. You probably wouldn’t think anything of this ride were it not for the large display on the Tesla’s front dash. If you look about: 08 into the video, right there on the screen you can see “the car is seeing” a pedestrian. That’s what that icon represents.

If you watch the video you can see the “pedestrian” showing up in different areas of the screen. This suggests that the car is seeing “pedestrians” at several different locations. Or maybe that “spirit walker” is just really quick and can jump from place to place.

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It does seem odd that the vehicle is showing a humanoid being while the naked eye is not confirming the data that the car is displaying. So, what do you think? Just a technological anomaly? Or do you think the vehicle sensors which reflect back a signal generated by the car can actually pick up the energy of moving spirits? Oh, this isn’t the first time a Tesla has reported and recorded “unique” observations around graveyards.

Have you ever seen a ghost? Or as in this case, the “illusion” of an other-worldly being? We’d sure like to hear about it if you have.

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