Tammy Slaton from 1000-lb Sisters has had some unfavorable moments. During the show, she directed a lot of her anger and frustration at her family.

Tammy Slaton from 1,000-lb Sisters has gained a reputation for being ungrateful, manipulative, and mean. Many viewers think Tammy takes advantage of her family and takes a lot of her frustration and irritation out on Amy in particular. Tammy has had some memorable moments on the show, but they haven’t necessarily cast her in a positive light.

The 35-year-old reality star has struggled with losing weight as her health issues continue to arise. Her food addiction has made it difficult to follow her doctor’s orders and as a result, has left her feeling frustrated and defeated. Tammy often lashes out at her family, as daily tasks become more difficult to manage.


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She relies on her family to help her a lot like taking her to doctor appointments, picking up groceries, and helping her get around in her wheelchair. She has left fans shocked and irritated that she doesn’t seem to appreciate her family’s efforts. Tammy’s negative attitude and anger have led to some of her worst moments on the show.

Family Vacation

Amy Tammy Slaton and Michael Halterman on 1000-lb Sisters

In season 3, Tammy and all of her siblings planned a family vacation to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Once they arrived at their cabin, Tammy quickly became angry and frustrated and refused to go inside. Her family tried talking to her and encouraging her to come in and enjoy the cabin. Tammy refused and wouldn’t get out of the van. Amy and her husband Michael Halterman ended up taking her to a hotel to stay at instead. Tammy then refused to participate in many of the family activities like getting a family photo taken. Things came to a head when the family went out for lunch together and Tammy finally decided to join.

Her family got her set up with an electric wheelchair which she was not happy about using. She shared that she felt like they were only doing it for themselves. Things between Tammy and her sister Amanda Halterman escalated into a heated argument which almost ended in a physical altercation. Amanda chose to walk away from the drama to keep things from going any further. During the course of the vacation, Tammy’s family found out that she was still communicating with her ex-boyfriend, Phillip Redmond. Once this was discovered, Tammy became defensive and argumentative and decided that she wanted to go home.

Her family collectively decided they weren’t going to let their vacation be cut short and was able to have a family friend come pick Tammy up and take her back home. Tammy’s inconsiderate attitude and quick temper nearly ruined her family’s vacation, but she was more concerned with what she wanted to do and not about how her actions were affecting her family.

Tammy vs. Tisa

Nurse Tisa in 1000-Lb Sisters

When Amy suggested that Tammy should have a home health care nurse come in and assist her with her daily tasks, Tammy was infuriated. She felt like Amy was being lazy and didn’t think a nurse was necessary. Despite her objections, they did find a nurse that she agreed on named Tisa. Right away, Tisa and Tammy butted heads because Tisa expected Tammy to take some responsibility and start doing some things for herself. Tisa encouraged her to get exercise by walking to the mailbox and eating healthier meals. Of course, Tammy didn’t put forth much effort and always had a reason as to why she couldn’t do it. Tisa didn’t put up with her excuses and wasn’t afraid to argue with Tammy. In a memorable moment, Tisa encouraged Tammy to walk to the van with her walker after leaving the pool instead of relying on Tisa to push her in the wheelchair. This resulted in an argument without Tammy wanting to even attempt it. This is another example of Tammy not trying to think about how her actions are affecting other people.

Tammy’s Love Life

Tammy Slaton smiling with her iPad in 1000-lb Sisters

Tammy hasn’t had much luck when it comes to relationships. She has put her health on hold in pursuit of happiness and being in love. Her family has shared their concerns and wants her to focus on her health first and foremost. This has resulted in many arguments and heated moments to get Tammy to understand the gravity of the situation. Instead of trying to hear her family out and understand what they are saying and that it is for her benefit, she chooses to see it as being attacked.

At one particular moment, Tammy got into an argument with her brother, Chris Combs when he tried to explain that her boyfriend Phillip Redmond was detrimental to her diet. She yelled saying that he didn’t want her to be happy and she could take care of herself. Chris didn’t put up with her nasty attitude and sheer anger deciding to share his thoughts on the matter and then walk away from the conversation. Instead of appreciating her family’s care and support, she takes their advice as criticism.

Unfortunately, Tammy fails to take any kind of responsibility for her actions or for the current state that she is in. She is frustrated, unhappy, and angry, but she takes it out on the people closest to her. Hopefully, when 1,000-lb Sisters make a return, Tammy will understand how much her family is trying to help her.

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