The visually noisy and ever-evolving landscape of food retailing relentlessly challenges manufacturers and retailers alike to stay nimble, be on-trend, create differentiation and drive revenue growth. Sticky Addiction excitingly ticks all boxes and more in their own unique way.

The cult appeal and universal popularity of chicken wings are ever-present and show no signs of abating anytime soon, so why is it that consumers are still confined to the boring old ‘same same’ when it comes to wings they can prepare at home?

Sticky Addiction’s saucy range of fully cooked Super Wings catapults your affinity with this normal mere morsel by introducing a new and exciting flavor adventure never experienced before by finger-licking Australians.

Available nationally, they’ve combined high-quality all-Australian chicken with next-level flavors to create a product range that is ready to simply reheat and eat. Four retail flavors are now available: Thai Yellow Curry, Aussie BBQ, American Buffalo and Chinese Five Spice. Sticky Addiction is fast becoming the most sort after Chicken Wing range across retail stores in Australia, so get ready.

Sticky’s new-age hybrid ‘supply and support’ model is at the forefront of a mindset change in the market

The team behind Sticky Addiction is Food Equity Group, with their CEO Graeme McCormack saying, “our business is set up to continually innovate, launch and support retail brands and products going forward”.

Store Manager of IGA Pitt Town, Moneeb Shakil, agrees. “We’ve just launched their new eye-catching product range to great success. The ongoing support they’ve provided with free branded fridges and in-store signage has been fantastic. “

Easy, delicious Super Wings in minutes by anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Say goodbye to fiddly ingredients, lack of knowledge and equipment and time-consuming slow-cook methods – the skills in the box with Sticky Addiction.

Whether they’re at home watching the footy, beachside at a barbie with mates, or even at a remote campsite, simply heat and devour, anywhere, anytime and let the addictive adventure begin… If you’re in the mood for an amazing self -indulgent chicken wing experience with family and friends, Sticky Addiction offer fully cooked ‘heat and devour’ wings where all the hard work and prep has been done for you.

So just relax, enjoy and let the accolades roll in from family and friends alike.

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So smart. So simple. So delicious.

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