As the country’s economy continues to be rocked by both the cost of living crisis, and the knock-on effects from the conflict in Europe, This Morning’s consumer editor, Alice Beer has shared her tips to make your weekly supermarket shop is as cheap as possible . The money expert revealed the best times to buy ‘yellow sticker’ items depending on which supermarket you shop in, and which products get the biggest discount.

Food inflation is about 4.8 percent this year, but “in reality for those on low incomes, it’s much higher”, Alice said.

“Yellow sticker shopping, has always had a bit of prejudice and shame to it – we really do need to get over that, there is no shame to yellow sticker shopping.

“There is nothing wrong with the food that has a reduced price on it – why would you pay full price when you can get something cheaper?

“You are winning at shopping – you are not shortchanging your family, you’re not buying dodgy food, you are not doing anything to be ashamed of.”

Alice added: “What you do need to know is, your store, when they put things out, how much they reduce things by, what are the best bargains.

“Just yesterday, we went out shopping, and we found some amazing bargains.

“So in Tesco, we found chicken which was £ 5.04 and it’s now £ 1.25 – meat going up to its use by date is the biggest reduction you will find.

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“Clear the space in your freezer so you can put that meat in,” she suggested.

“Some stores will reduce it up to 75 percent on the day of its use by, some, like the Tesco meat, we bought it yesterday, it’s got to be used by the end of today. So that’s fine, even if you can’t fit it in your freezer, you can use it.

“That was a saving of £ 3.79

She continued: “Just a red pepper – nothing wrong with it, it was 54p it’s now 14p.”

“Look out for packaging that’s slightly broken, this mixed vegetable medley, sell by date is tomorrow and that was reduced from £ 1.50 to 38p – nothing wrong with the vegetables.”

Alice did add: “Don’t fall for false bargains, this grated cheese, that was a good bargain that it was from £ 2.10 down to 99p, so a saving of over a pound. But grated cheese is more expensive anyway, so go and have a look at what block you might get by weight.

“So that’s what we found yesterday, but you do need to focus on your own individual supermarket.”

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“The reduced red stickers are quite rare and the times vary,” Alice explained.

“But it will be 75 percent off perishables, so your fruit, veg, meat, on the last day.”

Aldi also offer 30 percent off products with imperfect packaging, and they have a ‘leftover recipe’ section on their website to ensure food doesn’t go to waste.


“Sainsbury’s again, varies store to store,” the consumer editor said. “Some canny shoppers say it goes down 25 percent at 1pm, it goes down 50 percent at 5pm and 75 percent between 7pm and 8pm.

“At 7pm in a Sainsbury’s you will find the majority of items reduced.

“Sainsbury’s put them all in one designated section, other stores you’ll find them in amongst the non-reduced food.”


“End of day for biggest reductions,” Alice commented. “On Sunday it’s earlier.”

Tesco also distributes their unsold food and use by food, bakery section, especially on the Olio app.

“Have a look at that, you’ll be able to go and collect free bakery items, bread, croissants, all the pastries, through that app,” she said.


“End of day, all the bargains are out at Morrisons,” Alice continued.

“Look for their bargain ‘Magic Box’ – has a value of £ 10 and you can buy it for £ 3.49 at Morrisons.”


“Morning reductions, it will be gone by 9am, so if you want to risk getting the evening reductions, you’ve got to get in there because Asda gets wiped out pretty quickly,” she remarked.

Most reduced products are gone by 9pm.


“Lidl, they don’t have yellow stickers, they have green and orange stickers,” Alice revealed.

“The morning of the last day, for use by dates for meat, you can get meat for 90p and that is what you should be looking for.

“Look for green trays in the chiller and look for their ‘Too Good To Waste’ boxes, you can get 5kg of slightly wonky fruit and veg for £ 1.50.”

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