One of the all-time shockers in NCAA Tournament history occurred Thursday as 15-seed Saint Peter’s upended 2-seed and popular Final Four pick Kentucky in overtime, and it was just a few days prior that Peacocks head coach Shaheen Holloway’s status for the March Madness thriller wasn’t even certain. Holloway revealed to media members Friday that he dealt with a bout of food poisoning in the days leading up to the tournament.

“I haven’t slept in nine days,” Holloway told reporters Friday. “Obviously last week was our conference tournament, three straight games there plus the championship game and I got food poison on Monday so I was down for the count on three days. The team came down before me, I just got down here. My voice mail, 791 texts. “

Holloway said the food poising stemmed from a trip to McDonald’s with his son and said it was “a challenge” to muster enough energy to make it to the game – he did not travel with the team to Indianapolis as a result of his illness. Holloway, however, refused to miss the contest and added that he had an IV before the game to ensure that he would be able to coach without any complications.

“No, it was a challenge,” Holloway elaborated. “If I tell you guys where it was from, everybody will probably laugh at me. Monday night my son, Xavier, wanted McDonald’s, so I had to go out and get McDonald’s, and when you get McDonald’s you have to get French fries. I got fries, and a shake and it didn’t go well for me.

“There was no way I was missing the game. I didn’t come down with the team. I tried to give myself a few days, tried to get myself together. Yesterday I had to go get an IV, just to make sure I was good. I came out and – I didn’t care what was happing, I wasn’t missing this game for anything. “

And it was a game that Holloway won’t forget anytime soon as his Peacocks quickly emerged as an early Cinderella candidate for this year’s NCAA Tournament with the monumental upset of a blue blood program. The upset marked Saint Peter’s first NCAA Tournament game victory in program history and extended Kentucky’s drought to three straight years without an NCAA Tournament win. The event was not held in 2020 and the Wildcats did not qualify in 2021. Wildcats coach John Calipari addressed the outcome after his team endured the unexpected early exit.

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“A sad day,” Calipari said. “Not just we lose a game. It’s that this season ended with this group and how much joy they brought to me and our staff. And I’ll just say one thing; that you have an eight-point lead, and I’m a guy that’s been through a lot of these, you have an eight-point lead with three minutes to go, you win the game.

“So I really don’t need to know, well, this guy did that and that guy did this and this and this and this. We had an eight-point lead with three-some to go. I’m not taking away from Saint Peter’s. They deserved to win the game. They fought the entire time. But that’s how I feel about it; that, you know, these guys put us in a position to win the game. Let’s finish it off. “

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