The billionaire Russian did not see 2500 miles as an obstacle when it came to getting food from his favorite London restaurant delivered across Europe to his home in Azerbaijan

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Roman Abramovich at Russia-Ukraine peace talks in Istanbul in March

Russian oligarch and sanctioned Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich has a long history of splashing the cash – even when it comes to his takeaway orders if reports are to be believed.

The former Blues chief is rumored to have once forked out a staggering £ 40,000 to have sushi delivered to him from London while he was thousands of miles away in Azerbaijan. This occurred while Abramovich was just starting his Chelsea reign back in the early 2000s while he was becoming well-versed in the finest eateries the capital had to offer.

His favorite was clearly the now closed Ubon restaurant based in Canary Wharf which served up traditional Japanese food. The billionaire enjoyed their dishes so much that while residing in Baku, he decided to have it delivered to his door internationally all the way from London.

Abramovich’s desire to tuck in was so strong that he asked one of his aides to put in an order for him thought to be worth around £ 1,200 before having the dishes flown out to him via private jet according to the Sunday Times.

Once it was cooked, the food was transferred by a chauffer-driven limousine to Luton airport and placed on to the plane – traveling more than 2500 miles across Europe before eventually feeding Abramovich and his close friends.

Not only did the entire plan set the then-Chelsea chief back by about £ 40,000 – he also would have had an incredibly lengthy wait in terms of delivery time. From London to Baku, the flight time alone is around five-and-a-half hours.

Chelsea’s owner Roman Abramovich ordered the expensive takeaway early on into his Blues reign

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That does not factor in how long it would have taken to prepare the food, before eventually driving it to Luton and getting it off the plane and to the businessman once it had touched down on Baku soil.

Nowadays, Abramovich has far bigger problems to deal with than ferrying food across the continent after he was recently hit with sanctions imposed by the UK government as a result of his close ties with Russia president Vladimir Putin.

The oligarch had assets frozen in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine at the tail-end of February – which in turn has led to a bidding war between various billionaires who are keen to succeed Abramovich as the next owner of Chelsea Football Club. A consortium spearheaded by American businessman Todd Boehly is thought to be leading the pack.

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