4:28 PM April 11, 2022

One of the ideas considered for a Sunday roast was a village venue we had never visited before, but one we would most likely return to.

As my fiancée and I entered The White Pheasant in Fordham, our choice was very much on its way to being justified.

A team of waitresses were on hand to make us feel at ease, as we were guided to our table amid a busy room of friends and families.

Similar to our time at The Cutter Inn, efficiency between arrival and food and drink orders was pleasing, yet you never felt pressured to make your decision there and then.

After our drinks orders were swiftly taken, we skipped starters in anticipation for a roast dinner that was worth the short wait.

I tucked into a superbly tender chicken with what the menu stated as ‘traditional trimmings’, including roast potatoes, broccoli and a giant Yorkshire pudding.

A roast chicken dinner was topped with traditional trimmings and a strange but tasty sauce.
– Credit: Daniel Mason

My fiancée took a similar approach, opting for the roast lamb, and both dishes exuded a strange but tasty flavor to add to a wholesome main course.

It was a secretive sauce not mentioned on the menu, one that was unusual to both of us but a taste we would think about trying again.

A suitable range of vegetables were on hand, too, as I soothed my appetite with a pint of Brown Ale costing £ 4.

Main course at The White Pheasant Fordham

Vegetables including cauliflower cheese complemented a roast dinner at The White Pheasant in Fordham.
– Credit: Daniel Mason

Two main courses for £ 19 each may, for some be expensive but despite not so much quantity, the quality was there in abundance.

We were sat next to the bar area at the venue, which despite being slightly noisy, displayed the traditional signs of a village pub many other food outlets do not possess.

Then onto dessert – small in size, but exquisite in quality.

As I enjoyed the rich flavors of a chocolate fudge brownie, sticky toffee pudding with salted caramel ice cream and candied pecan crumb was another tempting option, priced at £ 7 each.

Dessert at The White Pheasant in Fordham

A chocolate fudge brownie topped with vanilla ice cream was one of the dessert options at The White Pheasant, Fordham.
– Credit: Daniel Mason

Customers should perhaps expect to pay more if you visit The White Pheasant on Market Street, which it says turns into a restaurant by night.

However, for the quality of food, drink and service, this cost is very much understandable for an experience we would be happy to revisit.

The White Pheasant Fordham

As my fiancée and I entered The White Pheasant in Fordham, our choice was very much on its way to being justified.
– Credit: Daniel Mason

RATING: **** out of 5

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