I have a new favorite place. It goes against my instincts to tell people about places I like because they just might show up there, but Selah Springs Brewing Company is a little different. I don’t want to plan on us going together, I just want to run into you in the middle of cornhole chucking.

“We want this to feel like a house party,” said AJ Keagle, Selah Springs co-owner and brewer.

Selah Springs has a very limited selection of its own beers. It brews offsite and when something new is released, it’s quickly gone days after being gifted to the thirsty public. Follow them online for the most up-to-date releases and news.

Co-founder Chris Swedin is an old school Bert Grant alum and has all the vintage recipes from Grant’s Brewery Pub. When bigger batches are brewed, you can expect the classic Imperial Red and IPA to be in heavy rotation along with local favorite 1982. Selah Springs even has the original mash tun and fermenter that Grant used in the 1980s.

A bowl of Nana Kate’s chili and a glass of beer at Selah Springs Brewing Co.

You can never be sure who’s going to show up or what goofy games you’re going to get into, but it’s going to be fun. There’s a ton of stuff. Cornhole, ladder ball, jumbo jenga… and a hammock! Oh! And dogs. Bring your dogs. There should always be dogs at a brewery. If there’s one thing we should start legislating in this state, it’s the enforcement of dogs at breweries.

Nana Kate’s is also on site. She partnered with Selah Springs after her catering business took a hit during the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead of catering, Nana Kate’s is keeping beer munchies under control with the likes of Irish stew, Swedish meatballs, pretzels and brats. Basically, anything you’d ever want from a small-town brewery.

Every Tuesday a new winery is featured, and Nana Kate’s whips up food to pair with the wine or beer. There’s big grandma energy coming out of the back and big kick-back-with-the-neighbors vibes outside and up front. This is where I want to have my next BBQ session.

Do you want to talk some beer nerdiness? These have the history and knowledge to keep you going. Bigfoot conspiracies with the random guy from down the block? Check. Pet some good boys and girls (dogs)? Oh yeah.

I’ll be coming back to this spot a lot more.


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