Randall Maynard Gott (“Randy”) passed away at Kootenai Medical Center in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho on August 23, 2021.

Randall was born in Concord, Massachusetts to Elizabeth Steger Gott and Maynard Bowden Gott on October 18, 1945. He is preceded in death by both parents and a grandson, Angel Quintero. He is survived by his wife of 41 years, Ruth Gott, and four daughters: Leeann Gott (Sean), Amanda Gott, Sarah-McKenzie Garza (Jodaniel), Jordan Gott (Breena). He is also survived by one stepson, Patrick Allen Burns and eight grandchildren: Madison, Samantha, Zoey, Avery, Izabella, Xavier, Joseph, and Samuel.

Randy was a business owner, an experienced professional drywaller and a trained aircraft mechanic. He also attended Seattle University to complete classes required for professional substance abuse counseling certification.

Randy was a veteran, having served in the US Navy during the Vietnam era.

When Randy passed away, he had achieved 42 years of continuous sobriety in his recovery from the alcohol addiction of his younger years.

During his life, Randy had a variety of interests and enjoyed many activities including model trains, vintage cars, trains, numismatics, watching football, reading, listening to music, cooking, target shooting and collecting guns. He enjoyed being with his wife and family, taking good care of his home, car, and yard, and connecting daily with friends and family. He also loved his miniature dachshund (“Dasy”).

Most of all, Randy loved God. His faith and trust in God were deep and wide and unwavering, even in the midst of heartbreak or crises. His faith extended to connecting with, encouraging, and praying for others on a daily basis. His faith and what his daughter, Jordan, called his “quiet, eye of the storm strength” was a pillar for the family during times of upheaval.

Randy’s sense of humor was dry, endearing, and hilarious. It was a central part of his character and of family interactions; however, Randy’s character was primarily one of loving God and loving others and maybe can be best described in the following words of his daughters and wife:

“My dad loved us the way Jesus loves. There was never any condition on his love. He didn’t have to see anything in return for his love or have anyone acknowledge the way he loved. His love was always going to be there. “

“My dad was loved so incredibly by me and our family that we feel a bit lost trying to navigate the world without him.”

“You loved me when I was unlovable. You blessed me when I was unappreciative. You stood by me when I didn’t deserve it. You never stopped loving me ”

We want to express our deep appreciation to all the people who have reached out to us, expressed sadness, blessed us with cards and texts and visits and food and flowers and even made donations to help with expenses. All of those things have made us feel loved and less alone in this time of loss and grieving.

A Celebration of life will be announced in the spring. All are welcome. We will be happy to see anyone and all who would like to honor Randy and bless us with their presence.


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