The top insurance brokers in India have a reputation for providing comprehensive insurance solutions to their clients. Qian Insurance Broking LLP has emerged as a leading insurance broker in India with their excellent insurance solutions tailored specifically for their customers’ needs!

Small businesses are the ones which are most susceptible to any unforeseen events. They do not have the money to resuscitate their business in event of a tragic event. A particularly big tragedy might even force the business to shut their business.

Hence, protecting your small business with comprehensive insurances is a must for all small business owners.

The article below describes the must-have insurances for every small business owner:

Commercial General Liability Insurance Policy

A Commercial General Liability Insurance Policy protects your business from claims of bodily injury or property damage suffered by third parties on your business premises or as a result of using your company’s products.

For eg: If a customer slips in the swimming pool of an hotel or if he suffers food poisoning on account of eating a restaurant’s foods, the customer is likely to sue for the hotel or restaurant for damages.

In such a case, a Commercial General Liability Insurance Policy or a CGL Policy will protect the hotel or restaurant by reimbursing the insured for the defence costs and compensatory damages awarded by the court. A CGL Insurance Policy is a must have insurance policy for every small business owner.

The spokesperson at Qian added, “With the rise in litigation, a small suit can lead an organization being liable for damages of up to millions of rupees. However, having a comprehensive CGL policy may save you from paying such huge amounts as compensation! “

Professional Indemnity Insurance Policy

A Professional Indemnity Insurance Policy in India provides protection to the Insured Party for claims arising out of negligence or any errors or omissions committed by the Insured Party in the course of conducting their professional services. A Professional Indemnity Insurance Policy is an extremely important insurance policy for professionals such as architects, doctors etc.

Group Mediclaim Insurance Policy for Employees

Another important insurance policy for a small business owner is a Group Health Insurance Policy for Employees. A Group Health Insurance Policy will pay for all the hospitalization expenses incurred by the employees due to any ailment or injury. Hospital bills are skyrocketing and a Group Mediclaim Policy for employees (also known as a GMC Policy) can be of invaluable help to employees and boost employee retention for the small business owners.

Want to buy Group Mediclaim Insurance Policy For Employees? The Group Health Insurance Policy is a perfect solution for businesses that want to boost employee retention and productivity. Every small business owner should purchase a group health insurance policy from experienced insurance brokers like Qian Insurance Broking LLP. They have the necessary expertise required to avail comprehensive Group Mediclaim coverages at affordable premiums.

A spokesperson for Qian Insurance Broking LLP recently reached out and stated, “We are committed to providing small business owners with the right business insurance solutions. Our team of experts will work hard to help meet any commercial general liability insurance, Directors and Officers Liability Insurance requirements, Trade Credit Insurance Policy, and Group Health Insurance requirements quickly, efficiently, and affordably!

We are a company that has always worked towards understanding our clients’ needs and creating tailor-made solutions to mitigate any risks they face.

With our years of industry experience, we’ve assisted clients across various industries for their risk management needs and can provide quick claims settlement with a track record on large settlements! “

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Want to purchase Group Mediclaim Policy for Employees? Qian Insurance Broking LLP caters to the insurance needs of businesses in need. They can provide appropriate insurance solutions to make sure that your business is comprehensive protected from a multitude of risks.

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