The barbecue chicken pizza and chicken bacon ranch pizza at Pig on a Pie in Macon.

The barbecue chicken pizza and chicken bacon ranch pizza at Pig on a Pie in Macon.

After four rounds and more than 40,000 votes, Pig on a Pie won our Supreme 16 Pizza Bracket. In the final round, Pig on a Pie was up against Stoner’s Pizza Joint, but won with a lead of more than 3,000 votes.

Pig on a Pie in Macon, GA.

As someone that grew up in middle Georgia, I let it slip to several people that I had never been to Pig on a Pie. Their reaction said it all. I had to go – and I’m glad I did.

At Pig on A Pie, delicious, fresh pizza is just the beginning. The pizzeria will celebrate its tenth anniversary in August and is quite the family affair. Sheree and Don Bass, with their son Kyle, are all Owners and they all work behind the counter. Whether it is cooking up pizzas, answering phones, or visiting with customers, Sheree, Don and Kyle handle it all.

“This place is our heart and soul. We are a family here, and we want everyone to see that we are working together and we are here for them, ”Don said.

As soon as I walked in the door of the pizzeria, I got a sense of the homegrown family feel. I was welcomed by smiling faces, red walls, and black and white checkered floors. I noticed a mom and daughter having lunch, co-workers sharing a pizza, and several other customers sharing jokes with the Owners.

“We love to laugh and cut up here. We are always laughing with our customers. I think that’s why people like Pig on a Pie – the way we make them feel, that they are special, and we want to have fun with them, ”Sheree said.

After some time, I decided to give their famous barbecue pizza a try. The cheese, the sauce, the barbecue – each part was tasty on its own. But together, it was a perfect blend of flavors, especially on top of an insanely fresh crust.

“You’ve never had barbecue pizza like that before, have you?” Don Bass, one of the owners, asked me. “We smoke our own barbecue and our dough is made fresh every day. It’s really the only way to do it, ”he said.

Some of the other bestsellers on the menu are the works and of course, pepperoni. However, Sheree and Don insisted I try the chicken bacon ranch pizza, a favorite of theirs.

“You’ll love it,” Sheree told me. And she was indeed correct.

Then she asked, “Do you like wings?”

I quickly nodded and just a few minutes later, I was tasting a hot, crispy wing with their original seasoning. Delicious, yet again.

Surprised by their kindness and amazing hospitality, I found myself smiling even after I left. I now understand why people were baffled when I told them I had previously never had Pig on a Pie. It isn’t just about the pizza. Sheree was right; it was the way they made me feel, even long after I was gone.

Pig on a Pie is located at 5797 Houston Road, suite K, in Macon and their phone number is 478-781-3430.


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