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Editor’s note: This is the second half of a two-part series. Read Isaac’s review of the other four restaurants here.


I’m a big Watershed fan. Putting GSH bowls to shame, the wide variety of healthy, great-tasting options are a big plus. There’s never really a line, and if there is it moves quickly. The bonus to Watershed is of course the Acai bowls, which are pretty solid most of the time.

That being said, I’ve never eaten an Acai bowl that wasn’t from Watershed, so I don’t really have much to compare it to. Oops.

Watershed gets a 7/10.


I’ve never witnessed as much excitement among my fellow first-years as the day Steam opened. Starting off what is often a depressing winter quarter with warm ramen might be UO’s best move yet. It’s flavorful, unique and a great addition to Unthank.

I have one major qualm with Steam. You must be wearing all black when eating there – or at least eat with people you don’t need to impress. Steam’s ramen noodles are some of the stickiest I’ve ever seen and are no easy task to stomach. By the time you get them separated from each other, they’ve flung broth all over your shirt and table.

Or maybe I’m just a messy eater.

Steam also gets a 7/10.

PNW Market

I didn’t think the market would make it up as high on the list as it did, but I think it’s well deserved. The PNW Market is practically a full grocery store, and I couldn’t be more thankful. You need a pack of Oreos? PNW has your back. And the granola bar? They’re on aisle two. Do you need a single yellow bell pepper that you will eat like an apple while in line to pay for it? Yep, it’s got you there too.

That last one may or may not be based on a true sighting.

Based on that and the sheer number of rollover points I’ve spent there at the end of fall and winter term, PNW Market gets an 8/10.

Duck’s House

Ah, Duck’s House. A classic Unthank dining establishment. While offering one of the more limited menus out of the nine options, what is there is delicious. A chicken or salmon sandwich, fish and chips, Caesar salad… Duck’s House has all your American food needs. The California kids (including myself) can also be satisfied, as the Duck N Out burger is a not-so-subtle copy of a particular food chain based in our home state.

Despite the occasional long wait times, Duck’s House also gets an 8/10.

Best: Bullseye

This may be due to some recency bias, but boy did Oregon do good with this one. While it is by no means authentic Mexican food, Bullseye is a great Chipotle substitute. Depending on how much you add it has the possibility of being a pretty expensive meal, but you’ll never leave hungry. If you’re willing to brave the line (unfortunately no Grubhub option here), Bullseye is the place to be.

Just a month into its opening, I can’t let the restaurant get too cocky. While it’s the best option out there, I give Bullseye a 9/10.

At the end of the day, we’re all pretty lucky to be where we are. UO has some great food options, inside and outside Unthank. As much as I complain about having the same food over and over again, as more things open and I try more around campus, I realize how good we have it.

Well, see you next time on: “Isaac reviews things and then says that everything is good at the end!”


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