An Oakland County man was sentenced Monday to 15 years in prison for sex trafficking a 17-year-old girl at a Roseville motel where authorities say he had his name tattooed on her forehead as a way of “branding” the female.

Tory Anderson, 34, formerly of Southfield, received the punishment Monday from US District Court Judge Gershwin A. Drain following a plea bargain after he was indicted on the charge in 2019.

“This defendant exploited a vulnerable young girl by arranging for her to have sex with strangers over and over again for his personal profit,” said US Attorney Dawn Ison.

According to court records, during the summer of 2019, Anderson trafficked the minor girl for commercial sex in Michigan, Georgia and elsewhere. He acted as her pimp by arranging the sex dates and receiving the proceeds, providing supplies such as food and condoms, and monitoring when sex customers were coming and going.

Anderson also had the girl tattoo his name on her forehead and the side of her face as a way of “branding”
her, records show.

Anderson was aware of her age when he was arrested by FBI agents at a Super 8 Motel in the area of ​​Little Mack Avenue and 13 Mile Road. He had provided the girl for commercial sex with an undercover officer.

Investigators identified two adult victims in another hotel room that were also being trafficked by Anderson. One of the women told authorities Anderson was frequently violent with them, court documents state.

A month before, Anderson and the girl were arrested in Georgia on prostitution-related charges, according to court records.

Ray Edward Richards II, the defense attorney for Anderson, said in a sentencing memorandum that the girl was “absent and unavailable” to the government to testify as a victim witness. He said she was unwilling to testify while the case was pending. She denied the prosecution’s claims that Anderson hurt her, the attorney added.

According to Richards, the case involved a voluntarily agreed business venture between Anderson and the 17-year-old minor rather than a forced relationship in common human trafficking cases

“The two were in a relationship, and they were partners,” Richards wrote. “Anderson acted as security for the minor as they worked to make a living, albeit illegally.”

Anderson suffers from depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, controlled substance addiction, AIDs, and bladder cancer. He plans to refurbish dilapidated residential properties as a means of employment when he is released.

Anderson’s sentence of 18 months behind bar is significantly lower than the 210-262 months included in the sentencing guidelines range.

This case was the result of a joint investigation by the Roseville Police Department and the Southeast Michigan Trafficking and Exploitation Crimes Task Force (SEMTEC) of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

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