They say the only disability is a bad attitude and a recent video that shows a differently-abled person managing a street-side food cart embodies the essence of this saying.

The undated video, shared by Twitter user Rahul Mishra — whose Twitter handle is @ DigitalRahulM — shows a young man, who does not have fully formed hands, masterfully making stir-fried noodles on his cart.

The 30-second video has been seen more than one lakh times and has taken in thousands of likes and retweets.

Many people seemed touched by the differently-abled man’s efforts and asked Mishra to share his location so that they can support his business by buying from him. Echoing this sentiment a Twitter user wrote, “Maybe you can give his location so people in surrounding areas can support him by having their meals at his place.”

Appreciating the man’s hard work, a Twitter user wrote, “One of the strongest hearts ever. Deserves RESPECT more than anything ”. Another person commented, “I really appreciate such a strong person…. living life with honesty and hard work ”.

In December last year, Anand Mahindra offered a job to a quadruple amputee from Delhi whose story had gone viral after a video showing the man driving a modified vehicle and explaining how he starts and manoeuvres it was shared widely.

In 2018, a video of an unidentified one-legged man dancing after finishing the Pune Half Marathon had gone viral.


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