Mar. 29— “This isn’t a chicken wing eating contest. It’s a chicken ‘wang’ eating contest. We gotta put the Kentucky Crusade twang on it,” exclaimed a gleeful Neal Sears on Saturday afternoon while hosting the charity’s unique fundraiser.

The contest was held over the weekend at the Richmond YMCA facility and contestants were challenged to see who could eat five chicken wings in the shortest time.

All proceeds from entrance fees benefited Kentucky Crusade – a non-profit which focuses on substance use disorder recovery.

“We’re in the process of getting a building. We’re also gonna be needing money to open up a commercial kitchen so we can, once again, begin serving people food on the streets of Richmond,” Sears said.

The idea for the competition came from a conversation between Sears and his fiancée Latasha Chenault. At a certain point, the discussion shifted over to the topic of food.

“As you can tell by looking at me, I love chicken wings. Latasha does too. I said ‘Hey, let’s have a chicken wing eating contest and see what happens.’ That’s one of the things that’s so awesome about the Kentucky Crusade, “Sears said. “We can have these events and people think that they’re coming for chicken wings, but they’re also gonna get hope poured out at them from all the people that’ll be speaking and the resource booths we have set up they wouldn ‘ t realize they would have access to at a chicken eating contest. “

Voices of Hope, Dry Dock, Divine Designs, and Optimal Living Services were among the recovery organizations which attended the event. Chick’s Wings donated the chicken used for the contest. Sears noted bone-in wings had to be used for the contest. Preparations had been in place for the competition for several months.

Several door prizes were given away as part of fundraising. There were also a series of speakers who shared their experiences in recovery in the lead-up to the contest. Some were from the Kentucky Crusade or the other recovery organizations present, while others came from people attending the event.

Tony Barrett, president of the board of the Kentucky Crusade, spoke about the philosophy and goal of the non profit.

“We’re just a local organization with a non-judgmental approach for recovery. We’re here for everybody. We don’t care about pathways to recovery. We support all pathways and all individuals who are suffering from substance use disorder,” Barrett said. “We’re gonna do anything we can do to try to help Richmond and the state of Kentucky to find their way out of addiction and give them hope that there’s a new way.”

Both Sears and Barrett have been through the recovery process; as have many in the Kentucky Crusade.

“We all came from that place. We all know what suffering from substance use is. We all know what homelessness and being just as involved is. We’re trying to help people,” Barrett said. “It’s such an issue in this community – we want to be a part of the solution as we were once part of the problem. Today we’re part of the solution and we want to help other people be part of the solution. you love is suffering from substance use disorder, don’t give up on them. Don’t enable them, but don’t give up on them. There is hope. “

The wing eating contest was a short one, with Jeremy Cline coming out the winner.

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