NEW BRUNSWICK – Students from 11 district schools participated in “A Day of Understanding” on Friday.

Connected to the social justice public art initiative Windows of Understanding (WOU), the day afforded the young artists, from elementary level to high school, the opportunity to express to the community how they feel about today’s social justice issues including climate change, food insecurity , policy and more.

WOU has worked with the district since 2017.

This year, for WOU’s fifth anniversary, student artwork is on display at the American Hungarian Foundation from March 8-April 1. While WOU historically commences on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and runs through the end of February, this will be the first year the artwork will be extended through April.

On March 25, students from 11 district schools participated in

The artwork will be supported with a series of workshops from March to May including “Examining Social Media Inter-generationally” led by a faculty representative of The Rutgers School of Communication & Information, “Climate Change in our Midst” led by Rutgers Climate Institute, and a Gun Violence prevention workshop led by Moms Demand Action.

“A Day of Understanding” is a new event taking place for this year.

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