Pretty Little Thing creative director and Love Island star Molly-Mae Hague told fans she stuck to veggie options such as chips and bread while on a luxury work trip in Mexico, as she was afraid of falling ill

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Molly-Mae Hague says she’s ‘scared’ to eat meat in Tulum

Molly-Mae Hague revealed she ate chips and bread on her luxury trip to Mexico as she was “a little bit scared” of eating meat, in case she caught a stomach bug.

The Pretty Little Thing creative director, 22, uploaded a video of her work get-away to Tulum, where she spoke about the luxurious villa she stayed in and gave fans a glimpse of her flight, which appeared to be in the first class section.

In one segment of the video, uploaded to her YouTube channel, the Love Island star spoke about her fear of fall ill from eating food while abroad.

Molly-Mae said she was scared about getting food poisoning while abroad


YouTube / MollyMae)

She said: “One thing I am a little bit iffy about here, is that I’m a little bit scared to eat meat here. All of the stuff we keep going to eat is like meat, chicken, the guys are eating a lot. of fish but I keep saying ‘please by careful’ because I know a lot of people that have come out to Tulum and have got food poisoning.

“To be fair, it’s not even food poisoning, even the water is so different out here, we have been advised to not use the taps to brush our teeth, you can’t have ice in your drink, it’s one of those things, you’ve just got to be really careful.

Molly-Mae shared glimpses of her luxury work trip to Tulum


YouTube / MollyMae)

The influence went on: “So when we keep going out for food I am just trying to have veggie options, a lot of bread, a lot of chips, because I feel like they are a safe option as well.”

“I feel like that whenever I go abroad or anything that’s just a little bit different.”

Later during the trip, Molly-Mae told her fans she had “what’s starting to feel like a little bit of a bad stomach, which was my worst fear.”

Molly-Mae on her get-away in Tulum



The star looked relaxed in the pictures she shared

She added: “I literally think if I do get a bad stomach I would have bought it on myself because all I have been saying while I’m out here is’ I don’t want to eat this I don’t want to eat that because I don’t want to get a bad stomach. ‘”

She also revealed that she doesn’t have a sensitive stomach and said she hadn’t been “physically sick” since she was about six-years-old.

Fortunately, the next day the reality TV star, who is going out with boxer Tommy Fury, said she was feeling a lot better.

It seems Molly-Mae didn’t escape a bug however, as she revealed to fans in a separate video that she had been recovering from an illness after her get-away.

In a video, the 22-year-old explained her brief absence from social media.

Molly-Mae shared moments from her trip in Tulum with her fans


YouTube / MollyMae)

“Obviously I’ve been away for work and I ended up extending my trip,” she said.

“It feels so nice to be home, but I have been recovering from .. I think it was just a bug. It was really intense, ”Molly explained.

The model spent more than a week in Mexico after extending her trip to the country, as she stayed in the £ 500-a-night Casa Malca resort. The star described the country as “magical”.

She had jetted-off with friend Stephanie Lam to shoot a new campaign for her fake tan brand, Filter By Molly-Mae.

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