What is Easter without Peeps?

You know, those sugar-coated marshmallow chicks and bunnies sporting bright spring colors and flavors like pink cherry, lilac berry and yellow tropical burst.

You know, those basket treats that untold families (mine included) traditionally pop into the microwave to see what happens.

Well, this year, there are new Peeps on candy shelves in stand-out colors and flavors.

Take the bright red-orange Hot Tamales chicks or the lime green sour watermelon critters, both with pink marshmallow centers.

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Most recent are donut shop coffee chicks, the outcome of a recently forged partnership between Peeps parent company Just Born and The Original Donut Shop brand, frequently served with Keurig coffee makers.

Taste test panel gives tamale, watermelon and coffee Peeps a try

It was tamale, watermelon and coffee that greeted Steve Crisafulli, Kyle Picklesimer and Tyler Scarbrough, all of Wooster, at the tasting table. Each gentleman focused on only one of the three options.

Tyler Scarbrough

Tyler, first to arrive, quickly grabbed the Hot Tamales.

Despite the dazzling red-orange coating, Tyler was most excited about these Peeps’ potential heat factor.

“The color and aroma are exactly like Hot Tamales. The texture is better than the traditional Peeps and the coating really sets them apart, ”he said.

But taste wise, not so hot!

“These are not as intense as a real Hot Tamales candy, which is a good thing for younger people.”

Eleven out of a possible 15 total evaluation points was all Tyler could muster.

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Kyle Picklesimer

Coming on scene just a few minutes after Tyler, Kyle went for the brightly hued lime green sour watermelon. In this case, the packaging definitely caught his eye, as did the Peeps themselves.

“The package looks like watermelon and the smell is amazing,” he wrote, noting the taste also is amazing. “I love the flavor and the texture is perfect. Who couldn’t like Peeps?”

Too much coffee in the coffee Peeps?

By the time Steve came along, the only flavor left was The Original Donut Shop Coffee, which suited the coffee lover in Steve perfectly.

Steve Crisafulli

With his cup of java in hand, Steve judged his Peeps to be right in line with his expectations.

“This is great with a cup of coffee,” he expertly concluded.

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Being a coffee lover myself, I was set to really enjoy those donut shop Peeps. I found the initial aroma to be fantastic, strong and irresistible like that early morning pot of coffee.

So, I was shocked when the treat itself delivered an exaggeratedly strong robust coffee flavor, way too much for me.

Cami Bohrer

I stirred one into my cup of coffee. Big mistake. Though the sugar and marshmallow dissolved to a degree, the overall impact was still much too powerful.

As for the tamale, I agree with Tyler. Tasty, but not much heat. More along the cinnamon line.

My personal favorite of the three was, far and away, the sour watermelon. That contrast between the sweet watermelon and the sour was magnifique.

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