LAPEER, MI – It just took one viral post from a influencer to send Jessica Harold’s Kookys N Cream in downtown Lapeer to a new level.

Harold, 38, found herself using TikTok more and more during the COVID-19 pandemic after recently going through a divorce.

On a whim, Harold messaged one of her favorite content creators and offered to send her some cookies from the bakery located at 374 W. Nepessing St.

That content creator, who at the time had a couple-hundred-thousand followers, offered up her address and told Harold that she would shout the company out in a TikTok.

A few days later, while Harold was away for retreat and away from her phone, Emily Feret (@ emilyjeanne333 on TikTok) posted a TikTok showing off the Kookys N Cream product.

It spawned more than 600 orders, Harold said.

After filling all 600, comedian and influencer Zoe Roe (@zozoroe on TikTok) did the same thing causing another huge influx of orders – 1,200 this time.

“I really just have one oven and a handful of teammates,” Harold said. “We get through our 600 orders from Emily’s followers and say to the team ‘Oh my goodness guys you killed it! I am so proud of you. ‘ … Now, we can go back to our normal pace. I swear, the second I am writing this message, Zoe posts her video.

“Immediately, we get another 1,200 orders.”

Now, the downtown Lapeer business consistently receives anywhere from 20-40 online orders a day along with its local sales.

It has cornered the market on what they call Cookie Cream, a 50-50 mix of cookies and ice cream that is the company’s most popular product.

“We take traditional cookies and desserts and make them more exciting,” she said. “All your favorite deserts – we turn them into cookies.”

At the end of the night, the bakery takes all unsold cookies and breaks them up for a fresh batch of Cookie Cream the next day.

It’s a concept that Harold’s had for years, but she never had the opportunity to try it out until now.

Harold formerly worked as a marketer and was a part of the team that developed the Allstate “Mayhem” commercials.

The company opened just six months before the pandemic began in March 2020.

While that would have served as a death sentence to many companies, Kookys N Cream’s ability to sell products across the country on social media helped them thrive.

Harold is in business with Patrick Hingst, who owns Woodchips Barbecue across the street from Kookys N Cream in downtown Lapeer.

He proposed opening up an ice cream store and Harold, who did marketing for the restaurant, jumped at the opportunity to make Cookie Cream a reality.

Customer favorites include a four-and-a-half inch Birthday Cake Cookie sandwich and the Superman Cookie, just like the ice cream.

Since gaining initial fame from TikTok, the business now operates its own TikTok, Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Orders for the business can be placed online at

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