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London-based Scot Matt Pearce is an original member of hard rock band Voodoo Six, who I adore. ‘The Soul Food Store’ is the new album by his side project Matt Pearce & The Mutiny, released on April 29th through Mutinear Records.

This is their second album and, like the debut ‘Gotta Get Home’, features Matt as lead vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter.

I’m looking forward to this as I’ve seen Matt and his mutineers live at HRH CROWS a few years ago and they were excellent.

The first track ‘Got A Thing Going On’ has a funky back beat and is riff heavy, energetic, with twists and turns and just enough sax.

The vocals are fleshed out with interesting and engaging instrumental arrangements to create a profoundly blues-rock feel, which continues into the slow burn ‘All The Gods’, with a sensual and laid back vocal that just captivates me.

As expected, the album features some stunning guitar work. From the slide guitar outro to ‘Bring It All To Me’ which closes out the song perfectly, rounding out the brooding vocals and melancholic piano, to the guitar section of ‘Don’t Take It So Hard’ which transforms the track from okay to epic. There are crisp, clean guitar lines aplenty and enough solos to keep the guitar-voyeur in me happy.

There is plenty of funk and blues influence throughout, with a delicious array of piano, keys and brass. ‘From Here To The Moon’ is a very cool track which counts in with clicking of fingers, a steady beat interplaying with Pearce’s commanding vocal, and a great melody with the obligatory jazz saxophone. It’s great fun and a fascinating listen.

The vocals range from smooth and mellow (‘Bring It All To Me’ and ‘A Better Way’) to upbeat and inspiring (‘King of The World’) via downright soulful and emotive, particularly in the title track. ‘The Soul Food Soul’ is my track of the album, a latino inspired respectable nod to Carlos Santana, and both chilled out and incredibly expressive at the same time.

It’s understated and compelling, and a very satisfying track. A close second to track of the album for me is ‘Beautiful Disguise’ which has a retro 1950s ballad feel and is simply hypnotising with the soaring vocal.

In all, this is a very pleasing and reputable album and will fit in well with fans of blues inspired rock across the globe, one of the better re-routings from hard rock to a more bluesy sound in recent years.

It demonstrates well Matt Pearce’s ability as singer-songwriter, as well as the talented guitarist we know and love.

The songs get better with each play and the lyrics express a mastery of emotion and sentiment, beautifully complimented by impressive arrangements and superb production. The album is rich and emotional and the songs adorned with harmonies. Love it.

The Soul Food Store
Info album
Track Listing:

Got A Thing Going On
All The Gods
Promised Land
Bring It All To Me
From Here To The Moon
The Soul Food Store
Don’t Take It So Hard
Never Get Away From Love
A Better Way
Beautiful Disguise
King Of The World

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