The last several years have been difficult for the Malone family, but with love and dedication to each other, they’ve overcome many obstacles together.

And through the hard times, mother Patti Malone and daughter Kirsten Malone have reestablished a close bond and are now working together to serve people in need in the Marion community.

Kirsten has overcome many difficulties in her young life, including drug addiction and a run-in with the local legal system. But she’s been sober for the past 14 months after receiving treatment through Recovery Works, a program operated by Pinnacle Treatment Centers.

During most of the time she was addicted to drugs, Kirsten did not live at home with her family. She returned home after completing treatment in August 2019.

“It took a lot of trust,” she said.

And Kirsten recently successfully completed the Marion County Common Pleas Court FIRST Court program, drawing praise from Judge WT Edwards during the graduation ceremony held April 29.

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