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Korean food has become quite popular in Columbus – it’s even featured in chain eateries – but scanning a large menu of Korean dishes can still be intimidating for people who didn’t grow up eating the cuisine. Enter Manna Korean Restaurant.

Because it focuses on well-executed, crowd-pleasing classics – and shows them in menu photos – Manna is a great place to explore Korean food. It’ll hook veterans of the cuisine looking for good values, too.

(Bonus: You can shop till you bop after dining at Manna.)

“Bop” – aka “bap” and “bob” – pops up frequently on Korean menus because the word means “cooked rice.” Manna (like Momo Ghar and Ranchero Kitchen before it) is another strong-performing eatery launched inside the global-ingredient wonderland of Saraga International Grocery on Morse Road.

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