MAMA June has been chastised on social media for an evident photoshop blunder where she misses her belly button. Fans and followers noticed something missing from the Road to Redemption star while she was lifting her shirt and posing to advertise her weight loss.

June, 42, used a sponsored advertisement for a weight loss product to post a set of images online. She smiled in each photo while holding a glass of the powdery drink combination and rolling her black shirt up to reveal her stomach. She was also miraculously missing a crucial chunk of her tummy in the second photo, in addition to being a lot slimmer and was chastised for her photoshop gaffe.


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“Where is her belly button in the second photo?” one user remarked, while another added, “Lol no belly button on the 2nd photo.” Another person complimented her on her photoshop skills: “Second pic … so photoshopped. Don’t believe it for a second.”

Six years ago, June had gastric sleeve surgery but, since then, she has appeared to be progressively regaining weight, and in January, she was seen coming into a weight loss surgeon’s clinic in California with her boyfriend Justin Stroud. June and Justin were seen entering the offices of Dr Michael Feiz, who performed June’s gastric sleeve surgery in 2016.

During a recent live chat with followers, the Mama June: From Not to Hot star lamented that she had gained 100 pounds since becoming sober two years ago. June frankly admitted that she was suffering from her food addiction, which had resulted in the weight increase, as she celebrated two years of recovery from drugs and alcohol. The nature of her Friday, April 15 visit to Dr Feiz’s office is unknown, but she was in and out in under an hour.

Only a few days later, the reality star was seen outdoors in flannel pajamas, looking untidy, while she requested fast-food delivery twice in less than two hours. June was photographed venturing out in her flannel pajamas in the front yard of a property she was staying at in southern California, according to exclusive images obtained by The Sun.

The mother of four received a meal delivery in a plastic bag with a Postmates receipt attached. June’s boyfriend picked up another fast-food delivery within the next two hours, this time a large order of Chick-Fil-A, which the two ate while sitting on the porch. June was photographed eating two large sandwiches from the renowned poultry suppliers.

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