Make your life easier with a meal delivery service

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One of the best ways to improve your health, hands down, is eating healthily. Even so, it’s not always easy to find the time required to make healthy dishes in the kitchen. Thankfully, Chefgood has shaken up the ready-meal industry to better serve the tastes of those who want meals served with convenience, without compromising on their nutritional value.

The best part? Made with locally sourced ingredients and handcrafted by real-life chefs, Chefgood meal plans offer new menus every week-a reflection of their commitment to revolutionising the ready-made meal industry one scrumptious, delivered-to-you-door serving at a time.

But with Chefgood, the benefits don’t stop with your taste buds. Here’s a few reasons why you may want to try their Melbourne-based meal subscription service.

Keep yourself in good physical health

Many of us have unwittingly turned to dodgy, stodgy and unhealthy convenience foods because they were marketed as a ‘healthy choice’. But saving time on meal prep doesn’t need to involve compromising your physical health, nor your waistline.

Make your life easier with a meal delivery service

With Chefgood’s nutrition-packed preparations, you can kick your weight loss goals by having weight loss meal plans delivered to your door. Never boring and definitely not bland, all calorie-controlled meals (350 per serve) are ideal for sustained weight loss, making dieting less stressful and far more satisfying.

Minimise the amount of food you waste

There’s nothing worse than stocking your fridge with fresh ingredients, and good intentions, only to throw out everything at the end of a week when you were too busy to cook. Marrying convenience with quality, Chefgood’s team of culinary experts hand select the produce for all their every day meal plans based on what’s in season, what’s available locally and what’s going to pack a nutritional punch while still tasting delicious.

That means you can experience local market goodness while minimizing food wastage by buying fruit and vegetables you don’t have time to properly prepare. Just browsing Chefgood’s range of meal plans, each one as packed with nutrition, freshness and flavor as the last, is enough to whet one’s appetite.

Make your life easier with a meal delivery service

Have your dietary requirements carefully catered for

Let’s be honest, standard ready-made meals aren’t exactly ideal for those of us who live with food allergies and sensitivities. Thankfully, Chefgood can accommodate a whole range of dietary requirements. In addition to offering vegetarian and vegan options, they can also prepare meals with no added gluten * and no added dairy. For those sticking to particular diets to achieve overall greater health, ready-made low-carb and high protein meals are also on the Chefgood menu.

* not suitable for people with coeliac disease.

Save money on your groceries

By minimising the amount of meals you have to make, you automatically slash your grocery spend. Starting at just $ 9.95 per meal, Chefgood servings are as affordable as they are appetizing. Made by professional chefs, all meals are restaurant quality while remaining half the price of restaurant dishes. Better yet, thanks to their Guest Chef Series, Chefgood now offers an array of exquisite culinary creations prepared by distinguished, award-winning chefs. Gourmet meals have never been more financially friendly.

Make your life easier with a meal delivery service

Make your life a little easier

Life is busy enough without having to worry about finding time to prepare healthy meals, which may be why so many Australians are taking up meal delivery services. So, how does it work?

With Chefgood, you simply sign up and order your meal plans online before Wednesday 11.30pm to receive your meals from Saturday to Tuesday, and their team takes care of the rest.

Ready to have chef-made meals delivered to your door? To get started, visit

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