Momos are arguably the most loved street snack in India. One can find a variety of momos around the country, and the humble food constantly goes through various experimentation.

While some of these experiments succeed, some fail. The “mithai momo” is one such experiment that did not go too well with the foodies.

A Twitter user, who goes by the name @MukeshVMakhija, shared a video in which a vendor can be seen making a large dumpling with several traditional Indian sweets.

The “mithai momo” recipe starts with the cook rolling up a dough of what appears to be refined flour into a flat sheet. He then adds two gulab jamunstwo motichoor ladoos, and two white mawa cakes to the center of the sheet. On top of these six pieces of rich Indian sweets, the cook also pours a cup of gajar ka halwa.

The cook then seals all these fillings and molds the sheet into a large dumpling and keeps it inside a steamer. After the dumpling is cooked, the cook finally serves it with a side of chocolate syrup.

Netizens overwhelmingly reacted negatively to this sweet twist to the momo. A user said the dish, “Looks like a diabetes bomb”, while another remarked, “I would not eat this for the love of God!”.

Interestingly, a few people came in defense of the “Mithai momo” and said, “Best way to use-up leftover sweets. Casserole momos ”. Another person commented, “What’s wrong with it? It won’t taste bad … It will taste, umm sweet! “


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