There’s an old English saying that “all good things must come to an end,” and nothing feels more fitting to describe the end of my time at Technician and NC State University.

I might’ve unceremoniously started my second day of freshman orientation by vomiting all over the McDonald’s bathroom on Western Boulevard due to food poisoning, but by the end of the day I knew I made the right choice. A few weeks into my first semester, I started writing for the opinion section at Technician and the rest is history.

All I knew coming into college was that I wanted to write and edit to some degree, but considering I’m now going to New York City next year to pursue a master’s degree in journalism, joining the student newspaper was more than a formative. It hasn’t always been a walk in the park, but I’m thankful for every second I’ve spent on the third floor of Witherspoon Student Center. It’s truly been a blessing.

Words cannot describe how emotionally intense these past few weeks have felt. Last weekend I paid an outrageously large deposit to confirm to Columbia University that yes, I’ll be leaving North Carolina, the state I’ve called home for 12 years, in a few months. This week I’m helping my parents move from the apartment I’ve called my permanent address for the past five years. And next week, finals start and I finally buy my cap and gown.

In no particular order, here’s a list of things that’ve brought me joy during my time at NC State and Technician:

  • Jaylan and Tristan – working with you two for this volume of Technician has been lovely enough as is; getting to be your friend is something else entirely. Much love to you two in particular.

  • The NC State English Club and most of its wonderful writers. I say most because a handful of you need to stop submitting badly written porn. Shoutout to Holly, Joshua, Sarah and Rachel for being such lovely friends and talented writers. Much love to the new batch of members as well.

  • Almost every single person who has worked at the student newspaper and become my friend; there’s too many to namedrop so just know you’re all very special to me. Shoutout to Rachael, Alicia, Austin, Joey, Boz, Allie, Mari, Ryan, Ann, Cassie, Riley, Dan, Wade, Mollie – again, the list is too many.

  • NC State Libraries. So many cool things I’ve read and borrowed from y’all and such a lovely staff. Sorry for setting off a security alarm once.

  • My family, who are the reason why I was able to make it to NC State in the first place and have always gone above and beyond to provide for me. I can’t even put in words how much gratitude and love I have for y’all. In the WhatsApp family chat I trust.

  • The lovely friends I’ve made at UNC-Chapel Hill over the past year and a half. Shoutout is Grace, Jodie, Becky, Jo, Cassie, Jordan, John, Kyle, Kevin, Sergia, Nicole. It’s always a great day to be a Tar Heel.

  • Old friends. Caroline, Becky, Amelia, Ellen, Aiden. It’s always lovely to catch up with y’all, even if it’s not very frequent anymore.

  • Covering Student Government. Not really. I hated every second of it but some lovely people there made it tolerable enough. McKenzy Heavlin, you’re welcome for the editorial endorsement I wrote mostly by myself during a drive back from the beach.

  • The college radio station WKNC and all the lovely people there. Special thanks to Molly, Harlan, Emma, ​​Lou, Gibson for all the love and fun we’ve had over the past few months. Very excited to hang out with some of you in Brooklyn next fall.

  • Technician’s readership, even the dweebs who are needlessly mean to staff writers for no reason whatsoever. I respect the hustle, and I will be joining you all very soon.

Yes, love is a strong word to throw all around this letter like this, but I mean every single instance of it. If there’s something I’ve learned over the past few years, it’s that finality brings meaning to everything, and there’s something very special about ending my time at Technician right where I started – an opinion column submission.

Anyways, I hate ending things on sappy sentimental notes so death to the Oxford comma. For all you apologists out there, pick a god and pray.

Much love,



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