Elena Mosaner first saw a stage hypnotist when she was 5 years old. She was mesmerized.

Today, the La Jolla resident is a practicing hypnotherapist who has helped thousands – including celebrities and professional athletes – to move past their fears and hang-ups. Mosaner has been featured widely for her abilities, including by The New York Times, and in an episode of The History Channel’s “Superhumans.”

Through her work, she hopes to debunk Hollywood depictions of magicians dangling pendulums back and forth. “Hypnosis has nothing to do with being in a sleep state,” says Mosaner, who is certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists and has spent years poring over science-backed studies on hypnotherapy.

“It has nothing to do with an altered state of consciousness. Hypnosis is about the power of impressing the mind, just as we are impressed by images in the media and during our upbringing. “

Mosaner immigrated to the United States in her early 20s and lived in New York for two decades before moving to La Jolla in 2018. While on the East Coast, she began experimenting with self-hypnosis by recording herself speaking hypnotic affirmations. Listening to these tapes repeatedly, she re-programmed her mind to become comfortable with two of her biggest fears, public speaking and driving. After witnessing her results, Mosaner began working with clients in the same way.

“I started recording client sessions, knowing that hypnosis works more powerfully with repetition, like an advertisement that you hear again and again until it sticks in your head.”

Her clients loved having copies of their sessions that they could repeatedly access. This led Mosaner to create and sell downloadable hypnosis audios in an online store.

The pandemic hit shortly thereafter. Mosaner’s virtual audio sessions became more in-demand, and in early 2021, she launched a new business: a subscription-based hypnotherapy platform called HypnoCloud.

“I started thinking, why not lease these recordings out instead of selling them individually? It’s a better deal when the user has access to everything, ”said Mosaner. “COVID really pushed me in this direction because so many people were going online.”

HypnoCloud is a virtual platform offering hypnosis audios, scripts, live workshops, and courses designed by industry experts. Mosaner most enjoys the workshops and has addressed topics like improving the relationship with oneself and managing stress in today’s world.

“I love leading the workshops because I love connection. It’s exciting. “

The self-guided platform facilitates overcoming such common issues as anxiety, food addiction, lack of confidence, and healing after a breakup. On average, HypnoCloud users stay subscribed for six to 12 months, although several have stayed since day one.

New content will include a 30-day hypnosis challenge and instructions for creating one’s own audios. As HypnoCloud grows, Mosaner plans to connect with investors as she continues bringing hypnotherapy to a wider population.

“If we understand the mechanics of influence, then we can act to positively influence ourselves.”

Learn more at hypnocloud.com or call 858-848-9035.

Elena Mosaner photo by Guzart Photography

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