ALLERGIES can be extremely annoying, especially when something triggers them.

Reactions can vary in severity, but for people with mild allergies that cause sneezing, it can be very frustrating.


Sneezing can be very frustrating if you just can’t stop – here are some tricks to tryCredit: Getty

Sneezing is what happens when the nose is irritated, generally due to allergies.

While sneezing is helpful to try and get rid of whatever has irritated the nose, but when you just can’t stop there are some tricks you can try.

Avoid the triggers

Working out why you are sneezing might take some painstaking detective work, but it could really help ease your nose.

If you realize what it is that irritates you, you can then avoid it as best as possible.

It also means that if you accidentally encounter the trigger, you can flush your nose quickly to try and prevent sneezing.

Triggers could include pollen, dust, mold, air pollution, spices.

Treat the allergies

Don’t suffer in silence – about a third of people have seasonal allergies that lead to sneezing.

This means you can tackle it with antihistamines – which block the body’s response to an allergen.

They can also soothe nasal swelling, which will also help stop the sneezing.

Doctors can also prescribe medication if your allergies are heavily disrupting your life.

Use nasal spray

These sprays can help your nose get rid of the particles that have irritated it.

It can be the key to stopping a sneezing fit.

However, experts say you need to be using them consistently throughout the season you know you suffer most with for them to be effective.

Get a humidifier

If your nose dries out it will become even more irritated.

But using a humidifier can help to prevent this and keep your nose happy.

They are especially good if you live in a dry or cold climate but can help soothe against allergens.

Bulk up your immune system

Linda Khoshaba, NMD, founder of Natural Endocrinologist Specialists AZ, told Insider: “Get plenty of vitamin C and zinc in order to build your immune system and reduce the impact of allergies and decrease the chance of infection.

“By increasing your intake of Vitamin C you may potentially be able to reduce the amount you sneeze in general.”

By upping your vitamin intake you will become healthier and therefore might even fend off a bug that might lead to more sneezing.

Have some tea

Chamomile tea is full of antihistamines that can keep sneezing under control.

Having a cup before bed will not only help you sleep better but will soothe any irritation.

The expert adds: “It can be a great tool to combat sneezing by reducing the total amount of histamine in your body.”

Say that’s spice

Spicy food can encourage sneezing.

If you find even a small amount causes a nose explosion, you might have a condition called gustatory rhinitis.

This can cause swelling or irritation in your nose that triggers sneezing.

If you realize a certain food – like curry, onions, black pepper – is aggravating you, it’s best to avoid it.

Portion control

It’s surprising, but apparently overeating can cause sneezing.

It isn’t clear why this happens, but scientists have discovered a condition known as snatiation reflex.

This is linked to having a full stomach.

Turn down the light

There is a genetic condition which means you sneeze when exposed to bright light.

It is called the photic sneeze reflex, and it could be due to a more sensitive response in the visual cortex.

It is thought between 18 – 35 per cent of people are affected by it.

If you’ve noticed you sneeze more in bright areas, try wearing sunglasses or a hat when moving from dark to light.

Blow it out

If you think you can feel a sneeze coming on, try grabbing a tissue and blowing your nose.

According to Dr Khoshaba: “Blowing your nose can help clear your nasal cavity free from the irritant.”

To blow your nose best, try gentling exhaling through one nostril at a time.

A pinch

Another trick to stopping a sneeze emerging is to lightly pinch your nose.

This only works if you do it when you feel a sneeze coming.

If you do it when already sneezing you could cause damage to your eardrums and nose.

Use your tongue

If you push your tongue against your teeth or the roof of your mouth when you think you might sneeze, this could stop it.

It’s not clear why it works, but it seems to override the action.

However, if you have got an irritant in your nose or lungs, the best thing to do is sneeze it out.

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