My 600-Lb. Life participants gained weight for a wide variety of reasons. Unfortunately, many cast members say they suffered from abuse in their childhoods. This eventually stemmed into food addiction.

While some cast members gained weight over a long period of time, others managed to put on weight quite quickly. Now, My 600-Lb. Life viewers are really curious to know how some of the cast manages to gain a lot of weight in such a short time frame.

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Reddit users discuss the weight gain on My 600-Lb. Life

Dealing with an addiction of any kind is never an easy subject to tackle. And many of the My 600-Lb. Life participants are struggling with food addiction. But even so, many participants seem to put on weight rather quickly.

“How do they gain so much weight?” the original Reddit user asks. “I just watched James K’s episode and he gained 143 pounds in two or three months, I think. Then in Sean’s episode he gained over 200 pounds in a short amount of time. So, my question is how do they gain steadily for years but then lose some and gain a bunch really fast like their bodies are rebounding? “

“They just eat a lot. I know it’s hard for people who don’t have eating disorders to understand what it’s like, but there’s an element of totally out of control eating at play here, ”one considerate user suggests. “My highest weight was ‘only’ 355, but I personally don’t find it that hard to conceive that I could regain something like 100 pounds in a few months if I relapsed hard. I could totally do it (but I absolutely won’t haha). I don’t even think it would be hard. “

My 600-Lb. Life / TLC

This Reddit user went on to say that My 600-Lb. Life cast members also struggle to adjust to the strict diet. The insanely restrictive diet Dr. Now puts them on pretty much forces them to stop their addiction cold turkey and many “fall off the wagon.”

“It’s a pretty common thing and honestly, very restrictive diets are how a lot of people develop binge eating disorders in the first place,” the user concludes.

But the show’s production crew also plays a pivotal role here

In a recent Reddit poll, many My 600-Lb. Life viewers revealed that they keep watching for the drama. And since TLC and show producers know this, they’ll keep adding to the drama.

Unfortunately, this sometimes means the show’s producers and crew members don’t handle every situation with care. The late Gina Marie Krasley even sued My 600-Lb. Life before her death.

In the lawsuit, Krasley alleged that the filmmakers sometimes forced her to consume large amounts of food. At the end of the day, the people behind the scenes may also be involved in the cast’s rapid weight gain.

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