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TOWER- Beth Debeltz knew she was dreaming big when she planned on opening a spa / boutique business in the newly remodeled 615 Main Street building. But even as she was getting ready to open for regular business hours, she realized she had outgrown her space. So she has expanded, moving her boutique into a main-street-facing space which had hosted a gift shop over the Christmas season, and turned her original space into a dedicated massage and spa room.
At the same time, Lisa Smith’s Little Green Pantry has traded spaces with Flexspace, the shared workspace business operated by her daughter Miranda Kishel, and moved into the other main-street-facing spot in the building, almost doubling her retail area. This has allowed her to expand her grocery and kitchenware offerings. She is planning to also expand her cooler space so she can offer more refrigerated and frozen foods.
Debeltz is already seeing some happy customers browsing her collection of new and consignment clothing, in sizes from small to 3XL, along with accessories, purses and totes, home goods, and cabin décor.
“We have plenty of great gift ideas,” she said. “Especially with Mother’s Day coming up.”
Her consignment racks are already full, but she hopes to be accepting more spring and summer items in the future. The clothing selection ranges from casual and athletic to more designer quality.
Massage therapist Marcie McGleno offers a variety of therapeutic massage techniques, and bookings are available online. The business offers a discount for local customers.
“We are still recruiting someone to do manicures and pedicures and facials,” Debeltz said. They are hoping to have someone hired in May.
Right now, the business is open Fridays from from 10 am – 5 pm and Saturdays from 10 am – 3 pm, and by appointment (check for expanded spring hours on Facebook). Massage therapy is offered weekday afternoons and weekends.
“I really have a passion for health and wellness,” said Debeltz, who has been working on opening the business since 2014.
“I plan to expand into more health and wellness products also,” she said, and she will focus on products that she has been using for many years, such as Shaklee skin care and nutritional supplements.
“They are clinically-based and tested,” she said. “I will stick with what I know.”
Debeltz’s goal is to bring health and wellness, as well as fun and joy, into people’s lives.
While she has a regular day job overseeing five locations of the radiology department for Essentia Health, her long-term goal is to turn the new business into a full-time job.
“My day-to-day job can be stressful,” she said. “This is fun. It doesn’t feel like work. “

Little Green Pantry
Lisa Smith said she originally had been offered the larger front space in the building, but thought it was best to highlight her daughter’s Flexspace in the front of the building.
“But we’ve been really busy already this winter,” she said, “and I realized it would be best to be up in the front with more room.”
The new space has allowed Smith to expand her selection of healthy and organic foods, snacks, and add selections of kitchenware, gifts, and cutlery.
She offers a nice selection of pantry staples, canned foods, easy-to-prepare meals and soups, healthy snacks, baking supplies, juices and drinks, frozen fruits and vegetables, and frozen locally-raised meats. Many foods are suitable for those with food allergies or on special diets, such as paleo. The refrigerator cases offer lots of healthy snack and lunch items. The shop also offers organic coffees and teas, spices, bath and body care items, and naturally-based cleaning supplies.
Moving the store just down the hallway was quite a job, she said, and took a few more days than she had figured, but the shop is now fully-stocked and open Monday through Friday from 9 am – 5:30 pm and Saturday from 9 am – 3 pm The store will be offering online shopping soon on their website at

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